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Nicole-Marie songs

Nicole-Marie - Vocals, Acoustic Guitar, Keyboard

 Nicole-Marie is a hearing-impaired singer/songwriter from the Seattle/Tacoma area who writes songs in multiple genres ranging from Christian Contemporary to New Age, from Alternative Rock to Dance music, from Hip Hop and R&B to Country music.  Though she has performed in venues such as Jazzbones and Experience Music Project, she enjoys providing creative opportunities to others by writing songs for singers and collaborating with other musicians. 

She has had the pleasure of working with the accomplished acoustic guitarist Will Reedy, the electric guitarist Frank Seeberger, drummers Chris Crumpler, Chris G. and Mike Loera, the rapper Abuladon, acclaimed Nashville guitarist Mark Baldwin, multi-talented musician Troy Engle, producer/musician Jeremy Cays and musicians Wayne Bliss, Chris Pyle, Bob Fox, the band The Cosmic Shuffle, producer/musician Taylor Carroll, pianist Tom Kellock, drummer Ben Smith, bassist Garey Shelton, guitarist Lyle Ronglien, producer Jason Shavey, multi-instrumentalist and producer Jonathan Plum, and guitarist and singer/songwriter Doug Rusk.

She has recorded at the following studios: Pacific Studios (Tacoma, WA), Acoustic Chambers Studio (Kent, WA), The Hive (Seattle, WA), Blissman Studios (Tacoma, WA), Jeremy Cays Productions (Sequim, WA), Bear Creek Recording Studio (Woodinville, WA), Synergy Productions (Seattle, WA) and London Bridge Studio (Shoreline, WA).  

The first instrument she learned was the saxophone at age 9 and she made the switch to the clarinet at age 13.  She studied piano starting at age 13 under Deanna Dent and she studied guitar starting at age 18 under Kevin Garry, blues guitarist and original member of the Steve Miller Band  James "Curley" Cooke, German Briseno of Los Burbanks, Chris Lund of Loser, and Scott Paul Johnson.  She has released five albums:  Storybook (2003), All the Lights of Heaven (2007), Tragic Romantic (2010), The Music Our Love Makes (2016), Oaths of Abundance (2019) and Roars, Flames and Embers (2023).  

She has also released a number of singles, most recently: God Save the Kids, My Fourth of July, and Song of the World.  These latest three singles were released in 2021.  Her song "Song of the World" reached #3 on the ReverbNation Singer/songwriter charts in February 2023.  Her song "White Light" won an honorable mention award in the 7th Annual Great American Songwriting Competition.  Her songs "All the Lights of Heaven", "Hymn in Red", "I Smile", and "Grave Love" won bronze awards for being well-written songs by  Her music has been played on several radio stations.  Her song "Angels Speak to You" reached #12 and her song "Back My Way" reached #9 on  Her song "Single" reached #11 on  She entered the Song of the Year competition in June 2005 and received a "suggested artist" nomination for the genres of "folk" and "Christian" music. 

Her influences include Alanis Morissette, Kurt Cobain, John Denver, Michael W. Smith, Eva Cassidy and Prince.  She started losing her hearing in her early 20's and in 2010, she lost all hearing in her left ear and continues to have intermittent hearing loss in her right ear.  At times, she is legally deaf.  She hopes to inspire others to overcome their physical challenges by continuing to sing despite her hearing impairment.  She is a cancer survivor and a survivor of  25 years of narcissistic abuse. Her aim is also to make music that elevates the collective planetary vibration by exposing dark truths in order to bring them to the light and to spread a message of hope and healing so that we may all transcend all programming that keeps us from fifth density living.