From the recording Tragic Romantic

I think, as an empath, with this song, I was able to tap into the way my narcissistic ex felt about me. This song came to me in the state between sleeping and waking. I feel it was a gift to me from my own subconscious and it came to me quickly. I was able to write it in 15 minutes. In the year leading up to my separation, I was told by 2 different psychic mediums that I had an archangel protecting me. After my separation and divorce, I came to the conclusion, using my intuition, that my ex had plans to kill me. After all, he kept asking me about life insurance and was in a rush to refinance our house before I caught him in a lie and learned about his affair with another woman. There were other signs too and I wrote about them in my book "Recovery From Narcissistic Abuse."


Angels speak to you
They warn you about me
They say we're through
Where are my angels?
Why won't they help me hold onto you?

Angels speak to you
You tell me what they say
That they love you
Where are my angels?
Why don't they love me like they love you?

Cause your everything celestial
and you fit right in with them
You're a ray of light in my hell
so don't leave me angel-less
No, don't you leave me angel-less

Angels speak to you
They lead you to heaven leaving me blue
Where are my angels?
Maybe they left me when they met you


Angels speak to you
They lead you to heaven
leaving me blue