1. Weather Me

From the recording Storybook

This song is about perseverance in the face of opposition from others.


Rays of warmth lighten my path
Lighten the load on my back
Lovely ones gather easy
and all the sky can see me

Though you try to make me flinch
With rain or snow or hail
And you try to slow me down
Discourage me so I will fail

Well go ahead and try it but I won't let myself down

Go on and weather me
But weather you do or not, I will walk on, walk on, walk on (repeat)

I can find reason to strive
Reason to keep my spirit alive
I can see beautiful things in anything weathering brings

Though you try to make me sad
With sleet, lightning and thunder
Your attempts won't make me mad
and your state won't bring me under

Well I pray for you my friend but I won't give in to please you