1. Dead End

From the recording Tragic Romantic

My first job out of grad school was driving into 5 different counties in Washington state to do in-home counseling with families that were involved with Child Protective Services. Needless to say, I was in the car A LOT. I oftentimes had trouble finding homes as this was before GPS and google maps. I had to use a Thomas Guide if not given good directions. One day, I was running into all these dead ends and cul de sac's and just started singing this song. I'm not sure where the vampire theme came from but it was probably due to the fact that I was dating an energy vampire at the time.


Everywhere's a dead end
Everything is so dead
And I'm black and blue with purple lips
Why won't you kiss me?

Rope of garlic 'round your neck
And a sandbox by your bed
And a fountain of holy water spouting splashes at me

Everyone's a dead end
All these voices in my head
Will finally be silenced with violence
Nothing sweeter

Lather up your opera
The show is ready to begin
Raise the curtain of desire
Wear black and plenty of red

Everywhere's a dead end
Everything is so dead
Everyone's a dead end
Everyone is so dead
But you; you're alive, alive to me