1. Back My Way

From the recording Tragic Romantic

This song started with the chord progression and then I started singing the verse. I couldn't think of a chorus so I went through my journals of poetry to find the chorus and then added the last line of the chorus to pull everything together. In this way, this song is a mosaic, a collage of things I wrote at different times.


I didn't know what day it was
when you left me
And I didn't know what time it was
when you left me

And now I just can't think a thing
No, nothing at all
All I do, all I do is sing this sorry song
hoping that you'll call

There's not enough sun in El Paso
to shine my demons away
There's not enough rain in Seattle
to wash the shame from my face
Will you ever come back my way?

The time has slowed to a crawl
since you went away
I feel so low knowing that I made
a grave mistake

Will you forgive me?
Will you ever see me the same way?
I finally see why you left me that day