Thank you to Bree Noble and everyone at WOS (Women of Substance) Radio for featuring my song, My Inheritance, on their upcoming Celebrating Motherhood Series May 4-10, 2020.  My Inheritance, a song I wrote for my mother, will be featured on Friday 5/8/20 on the #1 New & Noteworthy and Award Winning Women of Substance Music Podcast.  Listen in at: 

The show also airs on most Podcast apps including Stitcher, TuneIn, Overcast, PocketCast, etc. 

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My Episode of the Women of Substance Music Podcast was just released to iTunes, YouTube, Spotify & more! 

I am EXCITED to announce that the award-winning Women of Substance Music Podcast is featuring my song "Don't Know What It's Called" today. There will be a link to the iTunes store in the show notes on the Podcast page of the WOS website. 

The Episode is Show #1050 a 70 minute Show including 13 songs. 

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You can also look us up on the iTunes mobile Podcast App for iPhone & iPad by searching for Women of Substance. If you are an Android user, you can access our show by downloading the Stitcher app. 

A podcast episode is "evergreen", meaning that it is available online forever.  You can access all the shows at: at any time.

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Nicole-Marie songs

Thank you to Women of Substance Radio for playing my song "Don't Know What It's Called" in their Valentine's Day series. My song will be featured on Monday 2/10/20 so listen in at: Other social media links for WOS Radio: A Spotify playlist of the songs featured on the series can be found at:”

Women of Substance Radio

Three of my songs were chosen to be included in the "Music With A Conscience" series in September/October on Women of Substance Radio.  Those songs are: 1.  Multicultural World 2.  A Song for Peace 3.  My Inheritance Additionally, my song "Setting Sunlight Free" was chosen to be on the WOS podcast in September. The podcast is also available on Stitcher, TuneIn, YouTube, Spotify and more...”

— , Music With a Conscience

CMy fourth book, Recovery from Narcissistic Abuse, will be available on English eBook distributors such as Amazon Kindle and Barnes and Noble Nook this July.  Happy Fourth of July to all survivors of narcissistic abuse!  May you light up the night and embrace all forms of freedom that are awaiting your acceptance”

— , My New Book: Recovery From Narcissistic Abuse

  Nicole-Marie Combines Vintage Keys with Visceral Emotion in Single “Dream Come True"   Up and coming recording artist Nicole-Marie has recently released their latest album “Oaths of Abundance” which resonates similar to what you could expect Fleetwood Mac to sound like if they had a stronger affinity for Pop. Contained within the release is the single “Dream Come True” which may just be the perfect introduction to Nicole-Marie’s accessible take on Pop music. With Dreams Come True, you’ll get a slightly vintage feel off the keys within the track as they collide with the soft guitar work in the multi-layered mix. Nicole-Marie’s vocals have a tangible Country Blues influence giving the Pop single a discernibly distinctive edge. You can check out Dream Come True for yourselves by heading over to Spotify now, where you will also be able to check out the rest of Nicole-Marie’s latest album.”

Amelia Vangergast, A&R Factory Blogs

Thank you to Mr. Cat for playing music from my latest album, "Oaths of Abundance", from Berlin, Germany.  Check out his show at:”

— , Listen to Mr. Cat in Berlin, Germany