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INTERVIEW with The Smash Magazine


Nicole-Marie is sharing the video for her incredible song ‘Audience of One’

by Jenna Gengler


December 23, 2023

Nicole-Marie grew up surrounded by music, from choir to piano and so much more. With a style that blends Contemporary Christian with an energetic Rock sound, she creates something that is both uplifting and fun. She began recording in her 20s and has since gone on to release 5 albums, 2 EPs and a collection of singles, as well as several incredible music videos. Most recently she has released the video for her incredible song “Audience of One”.

Nicole-Marie wrote “Audience of One” several years ago, recording it at the Bear Creek Recording Studio with an incredible team of musicians and producers. “Even before recording it, I had a vision of what I wanted the music video to look like,” She said. “At the time I didn’t have all of the pieces together though.”

At the time of releasing the song, Nicole-Marie didn’t have the perfect actors, team or money to really do the project justice, so she decided to wait on it. Now, a few years later, she has found the perfect team to make it all happen.

“The video is about me performing in a bar for Jesus, who is my audience of one,” she explained. “We were like old friends, doing silly things and just hanging out.” Nicole-Marie created a unique and beautiful story to match an already incredible song. It is entirely worth taking the time to really dive into and experience as an entire project.

“Audience of One” is off of the album Oaths of Abundance, which Nicole-Marie released in 2019. The entire project has a variety of songs featuring everything from love to equality and women empowerment. “The album really came around the time that the women’s marches and the Me Too Movement started,” she explained. “I think the album really takes on those ideas of empowering yourself and those around you.” Each song on the album brings its own story to the table.

Now that she has been able to share the video for “Audience of One”, Nicole-Marie is looking forward to putting together videos for some of her other releases. She is excited to share some of her sister’s story in the video of “All it Takes to Fly” as well as showcase her vision of “Interference”.

Nicole-Marie is also excited for more live appearances and to share more of her music with fans as the year goes on. You will not want to miss out on everything that she has to offer in 2024.

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Nicole-Marie’s “Audience of One” brings Jesus to a bar and a park near you

Jesus gets a guitar solo in “Audience of One,” the latest music video from Nicole-Marie, the pan-spiritual Tacoma, Washington, singer/songwriter


And, naturally, Jesus nails it.

“Every now and then I choose a song that I have a music video idea for, and that’s what happened with ‘Audience of One,’ ” she said. “I was like, ‘Oh, I have this perfect music video idea with Jesus, and he’s my audience of one.’ ”  

The video story is Nicole–Marie, perched on a stool, singing the opening lines, deep into her song, with her eyes closed. She pauses, opens her eyes, and finds herself playing to an audience of one, a guy in the far corner reading a newspaper.

The drunk passed out on the bar isn’t paying attention.

When the man in the corner puts the newspaper down, he is revealed as Jesus. Nicole-Marie, in her rich, vibrant voice, and the band launch into the song as Jesus invites her to a playdate in the park.

Audience of one

Let us have some fun

For you’re all I need

And you’re all I want

Jesus and Nicole-Marie stroll through woodland paths and meadows, swinging, dancing on the grass, sitting by the water. It is a fun video.

She got the inspiration for the title and theme of “Audience of One” from Rick Warren, the evangelical pastor and author. It refers to living and performing, whatever one’s niche in life, for an “audience of one” — Jesus. It has become a theme in evangelical Christianity.

“As long as Jesus is your audience, that’s all that matters,” she said.

Nicole-Marie’s song takes it to a different level, conceptually, spiritually and personally.

“I am not an orthodox Christian by any means. I would say I’m more nondenominational and/or Gnostic. Gnostic Christianity was one of the earlier sects. It was like, okay, we can look at, we can talk about reincarnation, or we can look into astrology, and those things aren’t considered evil or of the devil.”

She said she wanted the video to be fun.

“I see Jesus as kind of a jokester, a prankster. He doesn’t want to be worshipped so much as he wants to be your friend. That’s how I wanted to portray him.”

In her life of spirit and her life of music, Nicole-Marie moves as the Spirit leads her. She wrote, recorded and released “Audience of One” in 2019 on her album Oaths of Abundance. But it took her until now to find the other pieces for the video.

Actually, two actors, one band, a production company and a producer. Nicole-Marie likes to give props where props are due.

I just couldn't find the right actor to play Jesus because, you know, it’s a pretty big part,” she said. She advertised on Backstage and found Jordan Nancarrow.

“And he is perfect — perfect! — for the role. He did a great job.”

Her session band was The Cosmic Shuffle. Guitarist David Salonen played for Jesus, and Wyatt Slaughter played the drunk.

“I always knew Jesus would be playing the guitar solo in the video, even before we recorded the song, so I told the guitarist, ‘I want a kick-ass guitar solo,’ because I knew it had to fit the spirit of Jesus right,” she said.

“And he did a great job. I turned around after I heard it and gave him two thumbs up in the studio.”

The video was produced by Smokescreen Media. Oaths of Abundance, the album that “Audience of One” came from, was recorded at Bear Creek Recording Studio in Woodinville, Washington. The producer was Taylor Carroll.

Personally, she relates to the audience-of-one concept in that she has struggled to find an audience as a singer/songwriter and musician.

That was a partial inspiration for the song, but also, she says, church and the Bible. That gave her the chorus.

Then there was a vocal coach who urged her to do demonic chants and visualize the worst things possible.

“And I felt like there was some kind of demonic energy at work there. She promised me all these things, and it could have been a gateway, to sell out, so to speak, but I stopped answering her calls.”

She wrote the verses as rejection notices for the demons.

“Nope. I reject that. Even if it’s a gateway to larger success, I’d rather just stick with my audience of one.”

She recently performed her first show since before the pandemic. She is preparing two more music videos now that she has hooked up with Smokescreen Media.

She does seek an audience, she said, “of respectful, nice people who are open-minded, not judgmental, who want to evolve, want to learn and want to become more Christ-like.”

She means like the Christ who stands up for everybody, beginning with the lowliest.

The video ends back at the bar, just as the drunk is waking up. Jesus of the flowing robes has disappeared. He is now the busboy.

“Originally, I wanted him to be the janitor, but then we switched it. We all have a part of Jesus or the Holy Spirit or whatever you want to call it within us. And yeah, he could be the janitor. He could be the bartender. He could be the busboy. He could be the drunk guy. He could be anybody, and so you want to treat everybody with respect and kindness.”

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I'm happy to announce the release of my new music video, Audience of One.  You can check it out at:

Peace and comfort blow in on Nicole-Marie’s “Ocean Breeze” 

“Ocean Breeze,” the song by Nicole-Marie off her EP Roars, Flames and Embers, is such a beautiful, calming acoustic track that you would never know it was inspired by dental trauma. 



“Ocean Breeze,” the song by Nicole-Marie off her EP Roars, Flames and Embers, is such a beautiful, calming acoustic track that you would never know it was inspired by dental trauma. 

Dental trauma, and the sounds of the dental office — the drill, something that sounds like suction — explains the line that says, “There’s a voice that’s demonic.” 

“I was under the influence of nitrous oxide,” said Nicole-Marie, “and it was the sound that’s — well, demonic — but I pretended it was an ocean breeze. I thought, ‘Okay, that’s just an ocean breeze washing over me.’” 

I am one with the morning 

I am one with the world 

And my soul is exploring 

The ocean breeze that has unfurled 

“I have so much dental trauma that I cope by making up songs while I’m under the influence of nitrous oxide. I feel like if I go to the dentist, I’m at least gonna get a good song out of it for going through all that pain and misery.” 

There’s a voice that’s demonic but I am focusing 

On ocean breeze in the distance blowing evil far from me 

It’s a great story. Hearing her tell it, and listening to the song, it’s also believable. But evil is real for her, both in her personal experience — having lived through 25 years of narcissistic abuse — and in her day work as a social worker and mental health therapist specializing in trauma. 

“There’s still stuff I’m deprogramming from, and I’m still in recovery from that situation, but there are situations in the world that are not ‘just’ narcissistic abuse, but psychopathic and sociopathic abuse as well.” 

“I’m expanding the metaphor to mean the demonic presence in the world,” she said. 

“Ocean Breeze” is a way of calming the soul, combatting the mental, spiritual presence of evil, whether it’s fanciful, like hearing Satan in a dental drill, or the much more destructive kind that is all too common in what she calls “the 3D world.” 

The song features slow, melodic rhythms of guitar, banjo, and mandolin, timed by drums beating at the pace of a heart at rest. Nicole-Marie’s lyrics are delivered in her deep, soothing voice. Doug Rusk is a featured vocalist on the track and is also the lead guitarist. 

She and Rusk are also featured in the video, produced by Smokescreen Media. 

“I was really impressed with them. I’m going to work with them on another video soon,” she said. 

Nicole-Marie’s voice can climb. It has changed since she lost all hearing in her left ear more than a decade ago. Her right ear loses hearing intermittently and sometimes, she says, she is legally deaf. 

“I used to be a first soprano when I did choir in high school. Since my hearing loss, I’ve become more like an alto. I’ve learned to sing in that method — I don’t know what it’s called, actually — but you hear by feeling the vibration in your body. On some of those notes, I might not even be able to hear what I’m hitting.” 

Abuse, hearing loss, cancer. She has survived and is recovering still from a great deal of evil herself. Her music and her life are conducted in accordance with her spirituality, which is at heart a non-denominational Christianity influenced by a pan-spiritual outlook and yogic and other influences. 

Christianity is fractured, a “divided kingdom,” she says, and needs to be much less judgmental, which is inherently divisive, “because we don’t want to be conquered by being divided.” 

“I want to inspire other people to make the highest vibrational choices for their lives,” which she defines as making life choices and decisions out of “gratitude, love, joy, contentment,” rather than out of fear, anger or guilt. 

“Ocean Breeze” is the lead single she is promoting from Roars, Flames and Embers, but two other songs from the EP hold special meaning for her. 

“Pour out the Oil” was inspired by Kim Clement’s prophetic writings on the biblical Esther. The song features a woman, she said, who would “pour out the oil, pour out healing to the world.” 

“I wanted to put in influences of biblical women, powerful women,” she said. “So I put Esther in a verse, and then Mary of Bethany, in a verse. Both were powerful biblical women. I wanted to focus on that and what I think will be the return of the divine feminine.” 

She added, “And I’m not referring to the Barbie movie.” 

The other song is “Beyond the Stars.” 

“That one was written in the voice of God. I wrote it after experiencing some workplace bullying. It’s like God speaking to me, saying, ‘I know who you really are, no matter what other people call you, or say about you. I know who you really are.’ It’s about forgiveness, too, of the bullies and of anybody that has to live in this crazy world. I think it’s a very healing song.” 

Nicole-Marie has been putting out music since 2003. Her catalogue includes six albums and EPs and several singles. She lists her genre as “spiritual folk rock” and those are all present, each by itself sometimes, sometimes in combination. 

She has performed live, but not since the pandemic. She is dealing with a case of performance anxiety but wants to perform again. She especially wants to go on a tour. 

That reality is in a world that lies a little way down the road. 

In the 3D world of now, there is promoting “Ocean Breeze” and Roars, Flames and Embers and, also, “I’m working on my next music video. That’s where my immediate attention is.” 

“But beyond that, I hope to do some shows, get over some of my fears and inspire others to face their fears and get over them.” 

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Healing, Faith, and Resilience Shimmers through Alternative and Folk Rhythms- Nicole-Marie Unveils New Album

“Roars, Flames, & Embers” is a collection of 5 dynamic tracks that spin a magnetic and diverse mix of genres such as Christian, Contemporary, New Age, and Alternative Folk Rock 

Kent, Washington — August 19th, 2023 – Nicole-Marie’s soulful and heartfelt new record- “Roars, Flames, & Embers” takes listeners on an emotive musical voyage. The enchanting folk album, released on June 2nd, 2023, is more than just a collection of songs- weaving a tapestry of emotions, an ode to healing, forgiveness, hope, faith, and salvation. 

With a profound ability to craft poignant narratives through her music, Nicole-Marie’s “Roars, Flames, & Embers” is proof of her unwavering spirit and creative depth. 

The album houses five stunning tracks, each a canvas painted with the hues of resilience and the nuances of human experience. The ethereal harmonies, soulful vocals, and moving lyrics intertwine to create a sonic journey for audiences. 

From the tender notes of “Ocean Breeze,” inspired by a tale of dental trauma and composed under the influence of Nitrous Oxide, to the empowering anthem “Beyond the Stars,” born from the ashes of workplace adversity and bullying, each song is a chapter in Nicole-Marie’s extraordinary journey. 

The album’s canvas is further enriched by collaborations, with “Beyond the Stars” being written in the voice of God and inspired by a profound moment of introspection and growth. 

“Roars, Flames, & Embers” features production from an array of talent, with Jonathan Plum and Nicole-Marie joining forces at London Bridge Studios in Seattle to curate a sound that resonates with authenticity. 

With contributions from Johnathan Plum, Doug Rusk, Chris G, and masterful mastering by Rachel Field at Resonant Mastering, the stellar album is the artist’s best work yet. 

As the album paints intricate melodies, its visual counterpart takes form in the music video for “Ocean Breeze.” Filmed against the stunning backdrop of Seward Park in Seattle and produced by Smokescreen Media, the video captures the essence of the song’s uplifting message. 

The striking music video serves as a testament to Nicole-Marie’s dedication to her craft, her willingness to lay bare her experiences, and her commitment to weaving art that transcends mere entertainment. 

For updates, music, and more, explore Nicole-Marie’s social media links, available on her official Press Kit Page via her website! 


Nicole-Marie is a talented and gifted singer-songwriter hailing from the vibrant Seattle/Tacoma region. Defying all boundaries with her riveting and striking compositions, Nicole-Marie’s music features a number of rich and diverse genres. 

With an innate ability to evoke emotions through her melodies, Nicole-Marie’s compositions are more than just songs; they’re windows into the soul. Drawing inspiration from the kaleidoscope of life’s experiences, the artist’s music is a heartfelt ode to the human journey. 

While gracing venues like Jazzbones and Experience Music Project with her melodious presence, Nicole-Marie also finds joy in weaving creative opportunities for others. Her penchant for crafting songs for fellow singers and collaborating with fellow musicians underscores her role as both an artist and a muse.


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