1. Bury Me

From the recording Tragic Romantic

This song captures that "wish to be dead" feeling you inevitably get to when you are dealing with narcissistic abuse for too long. Somehow, you end up taking the blame for all of the problems in the relationship and you are constantly feeling isolated, devalued, tricked, abandoned and suicidal.


I have said goodbye
You are out my life
Time has healed nothing in my eyes
And you know that I am right
So bury me

You have moved on
I'm still stuck on this song
It's taken me some time
to realize you're gone
And to see how I have wronged you
So bury me

Bury me with my disease
Bury me with my needs
That you could never meet
That I could never free
Won't you go on and bury me

I already died
You're the one who took my life
Time has pushed me past the borderline
And you're the one I left behind
So bury me