From the recording Storybook

This song was inspired by my desire to write a song that was gender neutral. The song is about wanting to take friendship to another level but fearing that any steps in revealing deeper feelings would end the friendship. The whole song is pretty much me on my keyboard using various synth sounds.


Would you hate me if I said I love you?We've been friends it seems too long
To never taste your kiss
and never hold you tight
And never tell you really how I feel tonight

Would you resent it if I meant it?
Never speak to me again
And never tell me private things
Special in your life
Share with me your gifts
See me in a different light

Would you hate me if I said I love you?I've kept it in too long
Painfully sitting quiet
With turmoil in my soul
Would I lose a friend?
Would fear make you say no, no, no, no?

Would you hate if I said I love you
Look me in the eyes
Tell me it's alright
To tell you really how I feel by your side