From the recording All The Lights Of Heaven


Whimsical one, so full of fun
Come share the sun with me, me

Don't let me down by being less loud
For you stand for us both
when you stand for yourself
Believe, Achieve

There ain't no mistakin'
My soul is awakin'
to be the center of my love
I know my heart is
stronger than my hurt is
I can rise above everything, anything

I look to you to lead me to truth
to help me find the muse in me
Maybe one day I'll be less afraid
and moments will stay
such as these, these


The hurt, the pain
The shallow that remains
The slips I may make
Temptations I may take
The lashings of the lewd
and the fever of the feud
disappointment, re-assortment
of what I once knew<
in me, of me

Whimsical one, one that I love
You look so much like me