We are all One

Soon I began to see and feel Jesus and he was smiling.  I felt the most intense love coming from him and at the same time emanating from my heart.  That love was just like the love I had felt in the presence of Sai Baba and Anandamayi Ma.  But it was now within me in the form of Jesus.  I kept trying to quiet the thoughts but suddenly my conscious mind popped out and shouted, "Jesus?" "What are you doing here?  I'm Jewish and looking for my Indian guru.  How did Jesus get here?"

Then I heard him gently reply that he was Jewish also, that in fact he was every religion and no religion.  He had many amazing teachings for me.  One of them was that "God does not want us to be divided in His name.  God wants us to be united in His name.  We are all One."


The above is an excerpt from Longing For Belonging:  Pilgrimage of Transformation by Diane Zimberoff