Voters Remorse Pending

I remember seeing Michael Moore on Bill Maher talking about his fears that Donald Trump would be become our next president and felt that he was putting words to how I felt.  I agree with the latest article I read where Moore says that those who voted for Trump will have regrets when they eventually come to realize that he can't deliver on all the promises he made to people.  Since Donald has never served in government, he obviously doesn't get or doesn't care that the democratic process is slow because there are many checks and balances, thank goodness, that keeps the president from having too much power. 

And Donald Trump is all about power.  He is a classic narcissist who puts his name and gold on all his towers around the world and dismisses anyone who dares to disagree with him or challenge him.  He has gotten away with and has even been rewarded for all those racist, sexist and xenophobic comments he made.  He inspires people to hate and chant things like "Lock her up!" and "Build that Wall!"  Talk about divide and conquer. 

I've never seen such large groups of people congregate in major cities to protest a president-elect.   Many people are proclaiming, "he's not my president!"  How can women, especially those who have been sexually harassed, assaulted or abused, Muslims, Blacks  and Hispanics especially feel represented by a man who has spewed hateful messages that question their humanity and their citizenship?  How can anyone who doesn't fall into one of these groups be okay with these hateful messages?  I just don't get it.  I do believe, however, that he will be impeached eventually.  He has gotten away with bad behavior for so long by whining and complaining about the behaviors of others and taking responsibility for nothing.  It will catch up to him.  I believe in karma...