Too Christian for Me

Anytime you identify as "Christian" on any level, people judge you and reject you.  They put you in the same category as fundamentalists who decry homosexuality as a sin or tell you that you will burn in hell for all of eternity if you don't follow Jesus.  This is not the kind of Christian I am but this is what is always ascribed to me.  I could remove the "Christian" term from my bio but I would never do so because there is nothing more important to me than my spirituality, even if it gets me rejected in a music business that favors sexuality over spirituality.  I will never belong to it or be accepted by any part of the music business.  I have been rejected by every genre of the music business, in part, because I dabble in every genre and blend genres and therefore, get rejected for some part of the whole of who I am.  But I choose to be a whole person and refuse to put myself in a box and label myself as any one thing.  I will never be accepted by those in the Christian music community simply because of my "new age" beliefs. 

There seems to be an over identification with the sexual in the music and entertainment business at large.  There are so many ways to be sexual.  You can transsexual, homosexual, bisexual, heterosexual, asexual, pansexual, bisexual, etc.  I'm sure more terms will come out whereas you can even further identify yourself sexually.  But if you dare bring the word "spiritual" or "Christian" into the mix, you are synonymous with "religious" or "fundamentalist Christian" with a huge negative overtone.  You are immediately labelled as "homophobic" or "self-righteous" or any of the negative labels that have gone along with daring to call yourself a Christian. 

Just wanted to share with you an example of the kind of rejection that those who identify as Christian on any level face.  Here is a recent rejection based from a music organization that I submitted my music to.  The rejection was obviously based on my spiritual identification:


Thanks Nicole-Marie

Whilst I did enjoy what I heard - music of 'religious fundamentalism' is
something I never feature - sorry.

I realise as a Christian evangelist it may surprise you that this is a
site which features music by Hindus, Sikhs, Christians, Muslims, Jews,
Agnostics and Atheists etc. and absolutely refuses to support musicians
of overt religious intent.

I wish you every success with your career as your production,
song-writing and vocals are sublime - but being a 'Christian
fundamentalist' is not some mark of relevance I am able to countenance
on a site which features music from around the world with those of faith
of other religions, or none at all.


My Response

That's fine but I am NOT a Christian fundamentalist.  I am a blend of Christian and new age beliefs and I respect all faiths and religions.  Just want to make that clear.  Thanks for taking the time,
Thanks for the clarification Nicole-Marie.

My Response: 
Also, I am NOT religious at all.  I am spiritual.  To me, the two terms have nothing to do with one another. 
I can only draw from your own bio Nicole-Marie

It is your own bio which references your Christian reference points - 
not a fantasy of mine.

' Christian Contemporary ', 'artist nomination for the genres of "folk"
and "Christian" music'.

If that is not the case - perhaps a rewrite of your bio without the
'Christian' would help to identify how you wish to portray your music.

My Response:
I am Christian.  But I am not a fundamentalist and have never identified as such.  I am not embarrassed to identify as Christian no matter how much disdain and rejection it gets me...
I eventually blocked this guy from my e-mail but I felt the need to educate him before doing so.  He clearly didn't respect my spiritual beliefs and even had disdain for them.  I get this all the time:  from agnostics, from atheists, from Christians who don't accept the new age side of me and from New agers who don't accept the Christian side of me.  There are many different ways to be a Christian.  The way I define it is that I am a follower of Christ.  I decided to give up control of my life to Christ after I was diagnosed with a rare and aggressive cancer in 2004.  I feel like my life was spared for a reason.  I must have a purpose even if I don't know what it is. 
But I have always been a spiritual person.  When I was in the 5th grade, I wanted to be a nun.  I am always trying to find the spiritual perspective on any situation.  But if you bring up the word "spiritual" in any way, people flip out or freak out or both.  I remember Oprah talking about this problem when she started to include a "Remembering Your Spirit" segment on her talk show.  Sometimes the word "spiritual" is fine by people and it is the word "Christian" that triggers them.  I can understand why given all the negative things Christianity has been associated with.  But every spiritual faith has been associated with something negative.  So, in order to avoid vitriol from others, should we be spiritual-less people all together?