Spiritual Beings: Episode 5: Asking for Spiritual Guidance

Hopole is in adult body form on Earth arguing with his wife.

Guida is watching on a screen from the spiritual realms and shaking her head.

Hop suddenly appears beside Guida.

Hop:  Thanks for getting me out of there.

Guida:  Well, you asked for guidance.

Hop:  I did?

Guida: Well, in your own way.

Guida gestures towards the screen where Hop, in the middle of his marital discord, is shouting, "Will somebody get me the hell out of here!"

Hop:  So, how do I deal with that?

He points to his wife on the screen.

Guida:  We could try allowing activation of your higher chakras.  Most men on Earth are relegated to their first 2 chakras.

Hop:  What the hell are you talking about?

Guida:  Let me put this in a way you can understand:  you think with your pecker.

Hop:  Pecker?  What is this?  A G-rated movie?

Guida:  I'm well aware of the movies YOU prefer.  Let's get back to providing you some guidance. If I assist you in activating your feelings chakra, your marital relations will improve.  The downside is that other men on Earth may look at you as a pansy, a princess, a weakling, a coward, a...

Hop:  Forget it!  What else you got for me?

Guida:  Well, it might be helpful to keep your multidimensional selves in mind.

Hop:  What do you mean?

Guida giggles.

Guida:  You have forgotten.  All time is simultaneous.  You are living many lives at once.  This lifetime on Earth with your wife is only one of your realities.

Hop:  What?!  If that's true, why am I experiencing THAT reality?  Why can't I experience the reality where I'm married to Pam Anderson?

Guida rolls her eyes.

Guida:  There is NO reality where YOU are married to Pam Anderson.

Hop:  Well, what do I do then?

Guida:  You seem to get enough out of your flights into fantasy...

Hop:  No, not about Pam.  About my wife?  Got any other brilliant ideas?

Guida throws up her hands.

Guida:  I got nothing.

Hop:  I guess I'll resign myself to my bleak existence.

Guida:  A typical Earthling response.