My Thoughts on this Year's Grammys 2018

Keysha's performance of "Praying" was the performance of the night by a landslide.  She put every ounce of despair, anguish and anger into that song while inspiring other victims of betrayal, sexual assault, abuse and harassment to rise from the ashes just by having the courage to sing that song so honestly and transparently.  The performance made me cry and was the only thing that made the Grammys worth watching this year.

At age 70, Elton John still sounds great but Miley Cyrus, in all her youthful vibrance and now debutante-like persona, looked silly attempting to sing alongside him despite her attempt to dress and doll herself up for the occasion. 

Ed Sheeran winning Best Solo Pop Performance for the song "Shape of You" unfortunately proves that it is still okay to judge women by their physical appearance, sexual desirability  and shape. 

Materialism is still alive and well and will win you awards.  Just ask Bruno Mars who swept up the Grammys this year with "24K Magic" proving that carnality is still the order of the day.  Make sure to strip all your songs of any sense of spirituality lest they be rejected by today's music industry.

Hip Hop is still the popular music of the day but grew tired, boring and old a long time ago.  When will the next wave of music be ushered in already?

I was happy to see Alessia Cara win for Best New Artist.  I think she is really talented and actually has something worthwhile to say with lyrics and songs that make you think, are inspirational and are hopefully ushering in a new sound that is palatable and meaningful. 

I thought the bit about "Fire and Fury" with Hillary Clinton was really funny.  I don't understand why people are angry about it.  Critics say she is just serving to polarize people with her bit but I found the exact opposite to be true.  I found some healing in the bit and laughing is a great form of healing.  There are some of us out there that are still suffering greatly from the cognitive dissonance and narcissistic abuse that we all suffer from, whether we choose to see it or not, under President Trump and in our personal lives with narcissism being on the rise in general public, affecting who we vote for, what music we listen to and support, and how we grow (or don't grow) spiritually as individuals or as a collective.