Endorsement of Tolerance

Just want to put it out there that I support Caitlyn Jenner and feel that she's being an excellent role model not only for her children but for all the children of the world, especially transgender youth who are no doubt hating themselves or living in fear at this time in history.  As I am following the online stories about Caitlyn Jenner, I am saddened to read all the hateful comments in response to her willingness to be a trailblazer and brave public figure in order to bring the issues of tolerance and self-acceptance to world's attention. 

I am a Christian but I am not any brand of Christian that spews hate.  Jesus loved everyone and I will attempt to do the same.  Regardless of my own spiritual beliefs, I am evolved enough to know that you cannot and should not expect everyone else to share your same beliefs and values.  Otherwise, there would be no diversity in the world.

I do hope that part of Caitlyn's journey will be to over come the victim mentality that she has regarding her ex-wife, Kris Jenner.  I think Kris, more than anyone, has every right to be angry as she's grieving and questioning everything about their relationship, wondering what was real.  Anger is a natural part of grief.  Who wouldn't be angry and confused in such a situation?  I don't feel people should be attacking Kris for being intolerant, including Caitlyn. 

When you are married to someone who is living a lie, you are married to a miserable person who is likely projecting their anger onto you, especially if you are someone who gets to be the gender they want to be.  You also become part of their lie unknowingly which isn't fair.  Things obviously weren't completely communicated honestly in their marriage. 

Of course, as you are struggling to accept yourself and know who you truly are inside, you can only communicate to your partner that which you are completely conscious of yourself.  We get so good at denying and repressing parts of ourselves out of fear of what our families and society will think or say. 

I can understand the concern that Caitlyn Jennner's children have about how much hate will be heaped upon her from the world.  I realize that most of these hateful remarks and comments that I read are due to people being afraid and confused.  Hopefully, our society won't see the violence that we saw during the civil rights movement when fear and hate threatened desegregation.  Of course, we must admit that we are still working on equal rights for all. 

Intolerance can be insidious but it appears to be more directly vicious at this time with Caitlyn Jenner coming out.  As I see more and more people follow their hate and justify their judgments upon others, I hope I can be like Caitlyn and dare to be different.  I hope I can choose love at every turn on this winding road towards tolerance of others and self-acceptance.