Check Out My New Singles

Yeahzers!  My three new singles are finally finished!  Strobe is the only dance song I have produced thus far.  A Song for Peace sounds like an anti-war song but it is actually a call to songwriters to write more peaceful songs inspired by the rapper Eminem.  I Smile is an upbeat and uplifting song dedicated to those you want to see again.  The songs were recorded at Blissman Studios in Federal Way, Washington and feature Frank Seeberger, the best guitarrist in Seattle, on the electric guitar.  Chris Crumpler is a killer drummer who played on all three songs and really slayed it on Strobe.  Wayne Bliss played bass and did the mixing.  I wrote and arranged the songs, played keyboard, acoustic guitar and did the vocals.  The songs will only be sold digitally at this time through various digital outlets such as Amazon and itunes.