Jeers to Blaming others for Sociopaths’ Behavior

In the TV series The Assassination of Gianni Versace, it is insinuated that homophobia played a hand in causing Andrew Cunanan to go on a killing spree which culminated in the killing of designer Gianni Versace.  Similarly, the TV series OJ: Made in America insinuates that racism had a hand in making OJ a murderer.  But neither homophobia or racism creates sociopathy.  Sociopaths are born, not made.  Their brains are different from the rest of us and they have blocked or impaired empathy as a result.  Sociopaths don’t respond  to any kind of treatmeant and only respond to consequences.  Minorities of any kind may suffer from depression or anxiety disorders in response to racism or homophobia but they don’t become sociopaths as a result of these things.  Trying to shift blame away from sociopaths is only enabling the sociopaths as they don’t respond to empathy anyway.  They use empathy to continue to control, manipulate and harm others.