Highlights from the Akashic Records

The following are excerpts from the book:  A Radical Approach to the Akashic Records:  Master Your Life and Raise Your Vibration by Melissa Feick

"There is a radical spiritual awakening happening all over the world.  The Akashic Records say that the intention of the shift is to transform the overstimulated lower energies like anger, hatred, and struggle.  It is time for these stuck lower energies to transform into something higher, for all of us."

"The Radical Approach to the Akashic Records is one of the best ascension tools available to humans to date.  Many of us get stuck in the wheel of cause and effect:  we tend to recreate our past hurts and traumas."

"One of the easiest and fastest ways to raise your vibration and to be more joyful is to spend more time in the Akashic Records." 

"The Akashic Records will allow you to see beyond the illusion and the linear belief of time and space.  This illusion of limitation is what creates all your feelings of lack, scarcity, and fear.  To step outside of that illusion is how you can connect to your true power to create how you want to feel."

"The Records are not just to be used to find the negative, that is to find out what is wrong in your life.  The Records can help connect you to your gifts, the positive Karma, and the truth of your soul essence."

"The misconception of a Soul Purpose in the spiritual community is that the Soul has come here to do something important.  Many assume that Soul Purpose and life purpose are similar.  The idea of life purpose is that, as humans, we came here with a specific mission to do something.  When we don't do our mission then that will mean we will always be unhappy, our life will suck, and our soul will keep begging us to do what we came here to do.  That way of thinking about things is so detrimental to spiritual seekers.  The truth is that your life purpose is about how you live your life and how you express your Soul Purpose.  Soul Purpose isn't about the doing; it's about being."

"Your Soul Purpose is to Be more in alignment with who you truly are.  Be connected.  Be compassion.  What and how you express this beingness is the key to 'living your life purpose.'  You can be a cashier at a small town grocery store and be living your purpose."

"The reason so many people are unhappy in their jobs, or in their lives, is that they aren't listening to their soul's voice."

"The next statement will rock your boat... everyone's, and yes, I mean everyone's, Soul Purpose is the same."

"Everyone's Soul Purpose is to transcend the illusion and the ego's delusion, to express Love, and to become the energy of equanimity." 

"You are here to recognize the illusion which, in turn, teachers you how to take responsibility for your creations and to learn to create what you desire, instead of creating all the crap in your life."

"You are here to master the lower planes of existence, and once you recognize that this plane is an illusion, and master the planes, you have completed what you came here to do." 

"Everything that happens in your life is just an experience, and it's the energy you put into that experience that makes it either a difficult or negative experience, a neutral experience, or a positive experience." 

"You are here to be a human, to transcend the lower ego self, to transcend your Karma, and become your higher consciousness." 

"Being and doing are opposites, and if you want to transcend the lower vibrations, you will want to start to express your existence through Being." 

"When you emanate higher frequency feelings like Love, Joy, Oneness, and Gratitude from your heart, then the Quantum Field flows the same joyful vibration back to you."

"The heart is significant to humans in that it is the first internal organ created in the fetus.  The heart has its own brain to regulate movement which indicates that it has its own intelligence."

"The deepest and most profound healing will happen when you are very honest with yourself and take responsibility for all your actions, past, present, and future."

"Once you take your power back, you will have a bunch of energy to create the life you desire.  You become the creator of your destiny instead of the victim to your destiny." 

"It is not about achieving perfection; it's about cultivating self-realization, which means looking at yourself and your actions honestly and without judgment." 

"If you become upset or angry with anyone in your family, any race, nation, or group then you know that you are experiencing a Karmic entanglement." 

"...don't allow tribal feelings of loyalty to keep you from being who you are meant to become."

"You have the opportunity to grow from every person that comes into your life."

"Every day you have 50,000 to 70,000 thoughts running around in your head."

"Buddhists have an ancient teaching called 'habitual tendencies' which can include habitual thoughts.  They believe that the thoughts you think on a regular basis are habitual and are usually negative.  The Buddhists also believed that if you keep thinking the same habitual thoughts, then you will bring them back lifetime after lifetime.  They understood that if you don't transcend them, they won't leave you.  Think about it; if this is true, you may have had thought the same thoughts for thousands of years."

"Studies by cognitive neuroscientists have shown that 80-95% of your waking life you are living from the unconscious or subconscious mind." 

"Change your thoughts, and you will change your reality.  Reality is made up of energy waves.  Your thoughts and feelings are vibrations.  Those vibrations are sent out into the Quantum Field.  The Quantum Field is the energy of all possibilities, and I mean ALL!  Once those vibrations are sent out to the Quantum Field, it reacts immediately, almost as if it says, "Oh, that's what he wants," and sends something to match the vibration back to you.  The Quantum Field doesn't judge what you put out.  It doesn't see anything like a good or bad energy or feeling; it's just a vibrational frequency to the Field.  You pick that vibration, and then you receive it's match."

"You have to do more than recite verbal affirmations to tell the Quantum Field what you desire.  You need to connect to the feelings and thoughts that match your desire.  Then you'll get what you want." 

"The ego uses the fear of the animal brain and illusion to project fear into your environment.  That fear can show up as a phobia or fear of the unknown.  Many people also experience it as anxiety." 


Melissa Feick's book "A Radical Approach to the Akashic Records: Master Your Life and Raise Your Vibration" is available now on Kindle Unlimited