Growing Into a Love That Lasts

Here is a simple set of instructions for those who want their love to last:

Don't try to please each other, for each of you has constantly changing pleasures.  Instead strive to please love... and in this you will please what is capable of being loved in one another.  This understanding alone nourishes your love, and in turn love will nourish your life together.

Teach and help each other to be independent.  Wrongful dependency on one another breeds fear and cruelty.  Instead, learn to depend on love, for love breeds love ... and real love is always independent and kind.

Don't try to change each other, either subtly or openly.  This creates resentment.  Instead, let the other find his or her way.  This doesn't mean to condone whatever is seen as being wrong or obviously mistaken.  It simply means don't condemn one another for a weakness, as love never lashes out but always strives to lift.


The above is an excerpt from:  The Secret of Your Immortal Self:  Key Lessons for Realizing the Divinity Within by Guy Finley