For All You Aliens

I have always felt like an alien in this world trying to appear normal while feeling strange inside.  I also feel like a hypersensitive person trying to fit in by becoming cold and hard inside.  I wrote this song, Cold World, based on a dream I had where I was wandering through a dwelling in a tree's stump in the dark.  In one rooms of the dwelling, a couple were having sex.  In another room, someone was shooting up and at one point a black cat stood in my path.  Anyway, based on this dream, I wrote the lyrics and the music to this song on my piano immediately upon awakening.  This song was never mixed properly for reasons stated in my last blog.  Even though it is incomplete, I think you can still hear the haunting beauty of the song.  Click on this link to listen:  Cold_World_w_back_vox.mp3