Cloaked in Craziness

There's something meaningful in being dismissed as "crazy."  It gives you a sort of freedom, a creative freedom and freedom of speech that is disappearing these days in all the political correctness.  The dark powers of this world aren't as threatened by you spreading the dark truths that most aren't brave enough, privy enough or open enough to speak of, acknowledge or receive.  The dark powers of this world know that you will be dismissed as "paranoid" or as a "conspiracy theorist" by the mass populace who want to enjoy the comforts of whatever freedoms or perception of freedoms exist while the spiritual warriors are the ones willing to go into the trenches and stand on the frontlines of this spiritual war. 

David Icke talks about how he was mocked, ridiculed and laughed at early on in his career of being a speaker, writer and educator of dark truths.  Because of this experience, the dark powers that be aren't as threatened by him because they know that most will dismiss him as crazy.  Rather than let this bring him down, he has been able to find the silver lining in being seen as crazy. 

Sloan Bella is a metaphysician who practices astrology, works with healing crystals and channels spirits as a psychic medium.  She isn't afraid to tell the truth about how certain celebrities really died and how other celebrities, while awed by the public at large, are involved in the Illuminati, Luciferianism and have been connected to Jeffrey Epstein's rings of sex trafficking involving children and possible blood sacrifice.  Most people will turn their eyes and ears away from such talk and dismiss someone like Sloan as a "witch" or worse. 

But there is purpose and meaning in being dismissed and/or attacked by the narcissists and sociopaths of the world or even by the people who want to only worry about their own little corners of the world, turning a blind eye and deaf ear to whatever evil lurks in the dark corners of the world. 

It's as if the dark truth tellers are "cloaked in craziness" or what appears to be craziness to those whose eyes have yet to be opened or who have been fortunate enough to not have experienced narcissistic or sociopathic abuse, though I would argue that we all have whether we realize it or not, or any of a number of different traumas that lead one to see beneath the surface of the superficial lifestyle.

There is a documentary called Healing Voices about mental health care, the over reliance on psychiatric medications and the stigma attached to anyone labelled as anything from Schizophrenia to depressed.  The movie poses an important question about seeing the positive side of something like psychosis.  In some Native American cultures, for instance, a psychotic person may be elevated to the status of shaman. 

A person who is a psychic medium may be diagnosed with Schizophrenia or any number of anxiety disorders or a "witch" by many different religions, especially those of the Christian variety.  While most Christians denounce astrology, they ignore bible verse that point to the meaning in the stars such as Genesis 1:14 and the fact that the wise men used the stars to find baby Jesus.  Most Christians will also denounce the term "psychic" but are okay with the term "prophet."  While I do believe it's true that one can get their information from light or dark sources, who are we to judge that?  Jesus was all about love, not judgement.  Even Jesus was labelled as "crazy" by the people in power at that time.  He was tortured, mocked and ultimately put to death for what others saw as "crazy."  Why should we, as Christians, treat others the way Jesus was mistreated?  It doesn't make any spiritual sense.  A lot of the harsh judgement in the old testament was reversed by Jesus anyhow.  Just look how he blew Leviticus 20:10 out of the water in John 7:53-8:11. 

So, to the people who have been dismissed as "crazy" or "unhinged" or "paranoid" or a "witch" or as a "conspiracy theorist", just know that you are in good company.  Jesus always walks before us in whatever pain we face.  And the next time someone calls you any version of "crazy", simply reply with a "thank you."  Take up your cross and follow Him.  Put on your cloak of craziness and wear it proudly and then... find and speak your truth, no matter how dark and uninvited that truth may be...