Black Sunday

I was going to write a blog today called “modern day devil worship.” However, then I heard the news about the death of Kobe Bryant and I decided I would do a blog about him and the events surrounding his death instead. Being an intuitive, I think it’s interesting that I was going to do a blog about modern day devil worship and I also find it interesting that a few days ago I had a vision of an open grave knowing that some someone close to me or meaningful to me was going to die. Sometimes I have this kind of an image or feeling or dream when someone famous dies. For instance right before prince died, I had a dream that my sister died. This may be because my psyche associates Prince with my sister as my sister is the one who got us tickets to the Prince concert at The Gorge in George, Washington.  

But back to Kobe, I find it interesting that he died in an “accident“ that involved children, that occurred on a Sunday, the day after LeBron James passed him on the NBA scoring list, and the morning of the day a big event such as The Grammy’s is about to be held in the same event center where Kobe’s team, the Lakers, play.  There is just too many coincidences here.  Isn’t it interesting how extra attention is going to be given to the Grammy’s tonight just like extra attention was given to The Grammy’s when Whitney Houston died and when Jennifer Hudson’s family was murdered and that involved children too.  I wasn’t planning on watching The Grammy’s tonight for the first time since my whole view of the music business has changed in the past year.  I now see the music industry, and film industry for that matter, as modern forms of devil worship.  One only has to look to at the strange, possessed, demonic behavior of those that find success in the music business in general.  Just check out my metamorphosis playlist on YouTube and check out the history of ritualistic murders as forms of sacrifice that involve famous people: