1. Interference
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Written by Nicole-Marie. Produced by Jonathan Plum and Nicole-Marie at London Bridge Studios in Seattle, WA. Stringed instruments and keyboards by Johnathan Plum. Mixed by Jonathan Plum. Drums by Chris G. Vocals by Nicole-Marie. Backing vocals by Nicole-Marie and Jonathan Plum. Mastered by Rachel Field at Resonant Mastering in Seattle, WA. Album cover art by Amy Rheinstrom.

Dedicated to anyone out there who has had their friendships or intimate relationships interfered with on any level.


Hello, old friend, where did we leave off last?
Why did it end? Can we clear up the past?

Cause there was so much interference
So much meddling
In our lost connection
So much jealousy
Can we begin again?
Can we restart the dance
But with a different end
And with a better chance?

My dear, dear friend due to misunderstandings
Perhaps you gave in to all the temptation
We lost our way, away from a shared purpose
Why did you stray into each silly circus?


We lost so much time to all the family and friends
That took away the rhyme
Now, there’s so much there to cleanse
Let's make amends