1. Dreamelina
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Written by Nicole-Marie. Produced by Jonathan Plum and Nicole-Marie at London Bridge Studios in Seattle, WA. Stringed instruments and keyboards by Johnathan Plum. Mixed by Jonathan Plum. Drums by Chris G. Acoustic guitar by Nicole-Marie. Acoustic guitar by Doug Rusk. Vocals by Nicole-Marie. Mastered by Rachel Field at Resonant Mastering in Seattle, WA. Album cover art by Amy Rheinstrom.

Inspired by the idea of my higher Self speaking to the dreamer part of me - to never give up on my hopes and dreams.


Astrally, you land on the continent of LeMuria
Listening to the Blue Glass Band
You dare to dream it all, your hope is contagious
You make me want to believe that I can do anything
I can sing, I can dance, I can handle romance, whoa

CHORUS: Dreamelina, you make the water still
Whoa, Dreamelina, you found my grace and my will
It's hidden in my heart, longing to belong
Dreamelina, never be gone

Verse 2: Gracefully you stand and faithfully you hold us
In these turbulent times, such lies they told us
You dare to want it all, you glitter the pages
In my journal of journeys
Revealing reverence for everything
For the love, for the pain, for the truth that remains


END: You’re hidden in my heart, longing to belong, Dreamelina never be gone