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Ocean Breeze (feat. Doug Rusk)

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Written by Nicole-Marie with song consultation by Doug Rusk. Produced by Jonathan Plum and Nicole-Marie at London Bridge Studios in Seattle, WA. Stringed instruments and keyboards by Johnathan Plum. Mixed by Jonathan Plum. Drums by Chris G. Acoustic guitar by Nicole-Marie. Acoustic guitar by Doug Rusk. Vocals by Nicole-Marie with Doug Rusk featured on Ocean Breeze. Backing vocals by Nicole-Marie and Doug Rusk. Mastered by Rachel Field at Resonant Mastering in Seattle, WA. Album cover art by Amy Rheinstrom.

Inspired by dental trauma and written under the influence of Nitrous Oxide, Ocean Breeze represents the need to focus on the positive sides of a situation or a positive reframing of a situation in order to cope with pain and suffering.


I am one with the morning
I am one with the world
And my soul is exploring
The ocean breeze that has unfurled

A sunrise high wakes me from bed, its hope is all I see
And Eagle’s flying overhead bestowing it’s blessings

Ain’t no need for morning papers cause your intuition’s freed
And His healing falls upon us so there is no need for grief

Ocean breeze in the morning
Ocean breeze rolling in
Love and peace are now soaring
Above all the collective

The waves are harmonic and they glow a sea foam green
And the coral sings a chorus of what luminescence brings

There’s a voice that’s demonic but I am focusing
On ocean breeze in the distance
Blowing evil far from me


Ooh, ooh, Ocean Breeze (x2)

There’s a voice that’s demonic but its power is drowning
By ocean breeze in this moment keeping evil far from me


END: Above all… the collective (2x)
Above all… an ocean breeze