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Beyond the Stars

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Written by Nicole-Marie with song consultation by Doug Rusk. Produced by Jonathan Plum and Nicole-Marie at London Bridge Studios in Seattle, WA. Stringed instruments and keyboards by Johnathan Plum. Mixed by Jonathan Plum. Drums by Chris G. Acoustic guitar by Nicole-Marie. Acoustic guitar by Doug Rusk. Vocals by Nicole-Marie. Backing vocals by Nicole-Marie and Jonathan Plum. Mastered by Rachel Field at Resonant Mastering in Seattle, WA. Album cover art by Amy Rheinstrom.

Inspired by a traumatic workplace where I was bullied by a group of women and the ringleader told me "who I was" insisting that I was "unkind" that this represented my "true colors." I only had a week left to work there but this group of women wouldn't even let me finish that week without laughing at me and mocking at me and basically bullying me out of that place sooner than I would have wanted. That whole experience inspired me to write Beyond the Stars.


CHORUS: Up beyond the stars is where I hear your heart
And where I keep your soul - safe, guarded and known

So whenever you are lost, forget who you are
Look up beyond the stars to the essence of your heart


No matter what happens here
Who dares to hurt you
Who they say you are
Remember, I’ll protect you
cause only I can see your true colors, dear
So, pay them no mind when they call you “unkind”
For you’re my precious child

Your true home lies here beyond the suffering
Any addiction you have lost yourself in
Beyond the promises you were tricked into making
Beyond any sin
Is the vastness of my love and forgiveness


So, when you feel broke apart
Know that I hold the pieces
In the place beyond the stars
Where your innocence is infinite
And gold fills the hurts of your heart

Up beyond the stars is where I hear your heart