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My Fourth of July

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This song was inspired by the posttraumatic growth that can occur once you extricate yourself from a relationship that involves narcissistic abuse, gaslighting and cognitive dissonance. As a survivor of narcissistic abuse, I hope that this song resonates with other survivors, inspires those that are still entangled in toxic relationships to free themselves from the fears that keep them from walking away, and assists the human race in celebrating our freedoms which are in danger from the narcissistic and sociopathic abuse that is occurring worldwide as we speak.

Nicole-Marie - Vocals
Ben Smith - Drums and Percussion
Garey Shelton - Bass
Lyle Ronglien - Guitars
Tom Kellock- Piano and Keyboard
Written by Nicole-Marie
Produced by Jason Shavey at Synergy Productions in Seattle, WA
Mastered by Brad Blackwood at Euphonic Masters
Copyright 2021


I was weak, couldn’t speak my truth like I can now
You were sweet so it seemed, such a treat I thought I found
And you made me believe your lies were my reality
Now the truth has set me free, seems my voice has finally found me

I was once a spider’s paradise, the brightest blood for vampires
Makes sense your favorite holiday was Halloween
But now I’m holding sparklers in the night and writing freedom with the light
My Fourth of July is finally free and this is the best of me

I was deaf, couldn’t rest, was blind to all your badness
I was spent while you spent all my money on your madness
I was living in the dark with a zombie’s hardened heart
While your women dined and thrashed on all my hard-earned cash


(Guitar solo)


END: This is the best of me