From the recording God Save the Kids

I had to take a training in human trafficking for a job back in 2010 or so. At the time, I remember thinking that human trafficking wasn't that big of a problem. Since then, I have come to understand that it is a HUGE problem. But what hurts the most is that children have been trafficked, abused, tortured, exploited and killed at an alarming rate and that the problem has been minimized and even downright ignored or even covered up by the media, the government, people in positions of power and influence and in the worldwide population in general. This song is dedicated to all victims and survivors of child trafficking, abuse, and exploitation as well as the truth tellers and digital soldiers who have been working to get the truth out there despite the public's reluctance to acknowledge this evil and how big the problem is. But my hope is that the world is waking up to how big the problem is and how neglectful we have towards our responsibility to protect and advocate for the voiceless and defenseless: our children, our future. If there is anything that can get us to unite at this dark time in history, it should be fighting for the freedoms, safety, and peace of our children.

Nicole-Marie - Vocals
Ben Smith - Drums and Percussion
Garey Shelton - Bass
Lyle Ronglien - Guitars
Tom Kellock- Piano and Keyboard
Written by Nicole-Marie
Produced by Jason Shavey at Synergy Productions in Seattle, WA
Mastered by Brad Blackwood at Euphonic Masters
Copyright 2021


I turned a blind eye, didn’t want to see what was happening, please forgive me
I turned a deaf ear, didn’t want to hear, turned my heart to fear and ignored your tears

Pre-Chorus: But baby, I have changed, changed my heart and ways
I’m ready to believe your suffering

CHORUS: God save the kids, save them instead from our ignorance, from our compliance (complacence/selfishness)
God save the kids, all of God’s children, for we are one, for we are them

And so we must fight and take back our rights and try to unite in this darkest night
And so we must pray each and every day for all the unsaved that still remain

Pre-Chorus 2: And baby, I am here, I’m now seeing clear, I have heard your cries and exposed their lies





END: For we are one, for we are them…… God save the kids