From the recording The Music Our Love Makes

Written by Nicole-Marie
Produced by Jeremy Cays
Engineered, edited and mixed by Jeremy Cays
Recorded at Jeremy Cays Productions in Sequim, WA except *
Mastered by RFI Mastering in Seattle, WA

Lead vocals by Nicole-Marie
Piano, keyboards, synths, string ensemble, bass guitar, drums and percussion by Jeremy Cays
Background vocals by Noelle Johnson, Nicole-Marie and Jeremy Cays
Acoustic and electric guitars by Mark Baldwin, * recorded in Nashville, TN
Fiddle, mandolin, and steel guitars by Troy Engle, * recorded in Nashville, TN

Album cover art by Mad Dog Graphx


Oh, the music our love makes
Oh, it gives more than it takes<
And Oh, I'm no longer afraid
Of the music our love makes

In my dreams, we are still together
Handling the weather
that may come our way

In my dreams, harmony's forever
Melodies of you and me do sing

But I am strong, even in the coldest nights I'm warm
'cause you're love sings in my heart


Though apart, we can still decipher
Every song we offer to us

And to our love we write every letter
Every note is a reflection of

The highest love through the years of separation was ever abundant