From the recording The Music Our Love Makes

Written by Nicole-Marie
Produced by Jeremy Cays
Engineered, edited and mixed by Jeremy Cays
Recorded at Jeremy Cays Productions in Sequim, WA except *
Mastered by RFI Mastering in Seattle, WA

Lead vocals by Nicole-Marie
Piano, keyboards, synths, string ensemble, bass guitar, drums and percussion by Jeremy Cays
Background vocals by Noelle Johnson
Acoustic and electric guitars by Mark Baldwin, * recorded in Nashville, TN
Fiddle, mandolin, and steel guitars by Troy Engle, * recorded in Nashville, TN

Album cover art by Mad Dog Graphx


I hear you're there
somewhere in California
I can't help from feeling
somewhat left behind

I hope you find your own version of bright lights
The kind that you left here looking to find

I kinda wish I could've been those bright lights
And I kinda wish I made your eyes shine or saw myself reflected in their essence
but all I saw was my reflection cry
when you said goodbye

So I'm waiting for a postcard of California
and wonderin' how you're doing, I hope well
Sometimes I wish you would've asked me along
but I don't know if I would've gone as well


Good luck out there somewhere in California
I'm glad one of us is chasing our dreams
I want you to know that my dream was to be
with you wherever you find you might be

So I'm hope I'm there somewhere in California
as part of you that you'll always be remembering
and inspiring you to always follow your dreams

Goodbye out there somewhere in California