1. Loose End

From the recording The Music Our Love Makes

Written by Nicole-Marie
Produced by Jeremy Cays
Engineered, edited and mixed by Jeremy Cays
Recorded at Jeremy Cays Productions in Sequim, WA except *
Mastered by RFI Mastering in Seattle, WA

Lead vocals by Nicole-Marie
Piano, keyboards, synths, string ensemble, bass guitar, drums and percussion by Jeremy Cays
Background vocals by Noelle Johnson
Acoustic and electric guitars by Mark Baldwin, * recorded in Nashville, TN
Fiddle, mandolin, and steel guitars by Troy Engle, * recorded in Nashville, TN

Album cover art by Mad Dog Graphx


Not every goodbye is beautiful
Not every break is clean
Some deaths are slow and painful
like the one of you and me

You wanted me to celebrate
your moving on to better things
After everything you put me through and how you left me with nothing

You can't tie me up
You can't say goodbye
as if we'll remain friends

You can't cross this "T"
You can't dot this "I"
I'll be your loose end

Not every ending is happy
Not every wound will heal
Not everybody will find love
or know how loving feels

You wanted me to wait me in line
Conform just like the rest
And shake your hand and say goodbye with wishes of the best



You can't tie me up
You can't say goodbye
You can't cross this "T"
You can't dot this "I"
You can't right this wrong
You can't make me cry
You can't have your way this time(Repeat)

I'll be your loose end