From the recording The Music Our Love Makes

Written by Nicole-Marie
Produced by Jeremy Cays
Engineered, edited and mixed by Jeremy Cays
Recorded at Jeremy Cays Productions in Sequim, WA except *
Mastered by RFI Mastering in Seattle, WA

Lead vocals by Nicole-Marie
Piano, keyboards, synths, string ensemble, bass guitar, drums and percussion by Jeremy Cays
Background vocals by Noelle Johnson
Acoustic and electric guitars by Mark Baldwin, * recorded in Nashville, TN
Fiddle, mandolin, and steel guitars by Troy Engle, * recorded in Nashville, TN

Album cover art by Mad Dog Graphx


I have a history of using the wrong words and saying the wrong things

And I have a tendency to limit what I learn and censor what I sing

But I know what to say now
If you should come around
And I know who I love now
With clarity I've found

I love you, I miss you
You're the love of my life
I'm sorry I hurt you
and that I wasted time
Being lost and confused
distracted and used
since I had you

I have a symphony of songs that you've not heard, paintings you've not seen
And I have a raging sea of love with such wonder if it was set free

Though I know what to say now
Too many stand around
What I hold in my heart now
Will one day sing out loud


(Instrumental break)

Yes I know what to say now
if you should come around
And I know who I love now with clarity I've found