Black Sunday

I was going to write a blog today called “modern day devil worship.” However, then I heard the news about the death of Kobe Bryant and I decided I would do a blog about him and the events surrounding his…


Cloaked in Craziness

There's something meaningful in being dismissed as "crazy."  It gives you a sort of freedom, a creative freedom and freedom of speech that is disappearing these days in all the political correctness.  The dark powers of this world aren't as…


Shapeshifters: Episode 1

PRINCESS STEPHANIE is adoring the beauty of her reflection in her vanity mirror.  As she brushes her long blonde hair, she notices a patch of skin on her right cheek turn scaly green.  A sense of alarm adorns her face…


Christmas Crazy

A friend recently told me that she was suffering from "the Christmas Crazy."  What she was referring to is the commercialism, stress, anxiety, materialism, and selfishness that the season of "giving" and spirit of Christmas has become.  If you google…


Sweet White Lies

Rape was just around the corner when he came on my frilly, white dress At only 2 years old, I was no longer innocent But no one wants to hear testimony like this No one wants the truth in all …

The Shadow Defines the Light

I used to suffer from what I can "new age naivete" because I used to believe that all people were basically good and that there was no such thing as "evil" or dark souls.  However, after suffering from 25 years…


Mistaking Peace as Boredom or Emptiness

I was driving down a highway in mid-November near Sumner, Washington.  It was an unusually beautiful day with blue skies and sun and the brisk cool autumn air you associate with freshness and cleanness.  I was admiring the beauty of…


Spiritual Beings: Episode 5: Asking for Spiritual Guidance

Hopole is in adult body form on Earth arguing with his wife.

Guida is watching on a screen from the spiritual realms and shaking her head.

Hop suddenly appears beside Guida.

Hop:  Thanks for getting me out of there.



2020: Perfect Vision from the Lifting of the Veil

There has been much talk about 2020 being the year that the veil will be lifted between our world and other worlds, between the physical world and the spiritual world, and between our reality and other realities, some of which…


Television: The Frequency of Fear

I have to admit that I have been hypnotized by reality television, especially anything involving the idea of love (The Bachelor) or showcasing talent and forms of creativity (DWTS and AGT).  However, when I was growing up, my father wisely…


Happy Labor Day - Music Video for Dream Come True

Happy Labor Day everyone.  Instead of taking it totally easy today, I labored over editing my new music video for Dream Come True.  The song is about letting go of someone with love and sending them and their new love…