Television: The Frequency of Fear

I have to admit that I have been hypnotized by reality television, especially anything involving the idea of love (The Bachelor) or showcasing talent and forms of creativity (DWTS and AGT).  However, when I was growing up, my father wisely didn’t have a television in our house and called TV’s an “idiot box.”  As a result, I entertained myself as a child with various forms of play and creativity including creative writing of stories, poems and songs.  I enjoyed playing the piano and other instruments and making games for me and my friends.  

I‘m sure I’m not the only one who has noticed that television is anxiety provoking and fear inducing.  The News fills you with fear with “buyer beware“ features and the latest outbreaks or mass shootings.  Programming consists mostly of violence and sex for adults and materialism and seedings of addiction for children.  Even so-called educational shows have a bias or control of information influence to them.  

There’s also the very real concern that you are probably being watched by big brother through your TV set and that the television is emitting unhealthy frequency waves.  The following excerpts from the book “Earth” by Barbara Marciniak, mentions a lot of the concerns about television:

”In this age of information, you are steered away from the natural sources of gathering knowledge for yourself. You have been sold the idea that television is a great source of information. This so-called tool has been touted as one of the greatest inventions of the century. However, your media is owned and controlled by those who wish to keep you entertained and unaware. They peddle chosen versions of reality and completely ignore others. Television slows down your evolutionary process and limits you, especially as a young child.“

”Television keeps you in a very narrow band of emotional expression – basically chaos and fear. Today, more than ever before, there exists a great campaign to sell televisions, to have free cable television, and to entice people to stay glued to the latest version of scandal and violence, as if what is broadcast is the most important issue at hand.”

”Learn how to observe how you feel if you watch television. It is a form of frequency control. This control is being tremendously accelerated as fear is rapidly being promoted all over the planet through television. The large majority of people on earth are being hypnotized by television right this moment. Our campaign encourages you to experience life firsthand - not only through the image making and ideas of others.“

”You damage your own consciousness and the potential that your consciousness has when you give over your time to television. You suppress your imagination and do not use one of the greatest gifts you possess. It will be understood centuries from now how in the latter half of the 20th century people were induced into dazed states and made to behave, to be asleep, and to be sick through television.”

“You are wasting your time with any kind of television watching. It keeps you from life and acts as a substitute for experience, which, dear friends, is the primary way you learn.  Some of you may say, ’well, there are some good programs on, and I only watch educational shows.‘  We ask you: what is being beamed over or under the ‘good programs’ that you do not consciously see?”

”If you insist on having a television in your home, keep it unplugged. Frequency waves are transmitted through your television even when you do not have it on.”