What Makes Your Snowflake Unique?

In my job as a mental health counselor, I often see people who are feeling depressed because they don't know what their purpose is or they have an idea about what they want to do in life but they feel no support or confidence in moving forward in life by taking steps towards fulfilling that purpose or passion.  They often lack self-esteem and don't feel good enough as they compare themselves to others who are doing what they themselves want to be doing. 

I have found that one thing that can help people get out of the funk of feeling this lack of purpose in life is to ask them the question:  what makes your snowflake unique?  People are like snowflakes in that no two people are exactly alike and we are all unique in the way that God made us.  For instance, I am a singer/songwriter and this is my passion.  But what makes me unique are all the following things:  I am also hearing impaired, I am also a licensed therapist, I am also a good creative writer, I also like film and video, I also like to inspire people, I am also a very spiritual person and I also like forms of alternative healing like shamanism and Reiki therapy. 

So, what is it that you want to do in life that you are not already doing?  What's holding you back from doing it?  What do you have to offer that's different or unique?  If you can't answer this last question, you may not know who you really are and it may take some reflection or assistance in getting to know yourself better.  But most of us know what our hang-up's are and most of us know what are strengths are.  If you are not sure what your strengths are, ask at least 3-5 people around you that you trust to give you feedback on what your strengths are.  We all have blind spots when it comes to ourselves. 

If you know what your hang-up's are and if they are holding you back from finding true happiness and fulfillment in life, don't be too proud to go into therapy, read self-help books, meditate or pray, or find some other way to hang-up these hang-up's so they are not holding you back in life and keeping you from having what it is you seek in life whether it be peace, joy, or success in whatever way you define it. 

So, if you are struggling with finding your purpose or living your purpose, ask yourself the following questions:  1) What is your passion?  If you are not sure, what is it that you could spend hours doing because the time would just fly by as you are enjoying yourself so much?  2) What it is you want to do in life?  3) How is it going to benefit others? 4)  What is keeping you from fulfilling that purpose? or How are you getting in your own way?  5) Where else is your energy going that could be redirected towards your purpose?  6) What makes you special, unique and different from everyone else that is doing the same thing?  In other words, what makes your snowflake unique?