The Women at The Well

 The women at the well are thirsty today and drink as they may, their thirst will remain

for the spirit of truth has passed them by and the spirit of death gleams in their eye

and the living water that sprung from a rock couldn’t be heard over their talk

still the women at the well bask in their own glory, worship their own beauty and believe the doublespeak falling freely from their loose lips and forked tongues

get into the word today and see what Jesus has to say

do not gather with the others - sometimes being a loner is being His roll of thunder

and their jeerful claps and self applause bear no truth and cause you no harm

do not drink from their woeful waters

do not seem what they deem to be well for you are my lamb and upon your slaughter

you will come to hear my voice

so make the choice

to drink of me