The Symbolism of the Flag

The American flag stands for many things including opportunity and freedom of speech.  I find it hugely ironic that Colin Kaepernick is getting all this attention and support for disrespecting something that is symbolic of the two very things that he has benefited enormously from.  After all, he had the number one selling jersey after all his attention-whoring.  I get his need to stand up and speak out on the whole police brutality against Black lives but why do it in this fashion?  If he is so against America, why not move to another country?  Why not be grateful for all the great things about America and focus on all the positive things that the flag represents about America?  I can see how the confederate flag got associated with racism but I don't understand why today's flag is being desecrated? 

The American flag is especially important to veterans and none more so than Vietnam veterans who were the only group of veterans that were spat upon and called "baby killer" when they arrived home from war.  Vietnam veterans had to sit and watch people burn the American flag on TV as they risked their lives, saw their comrades die and suffered chronic trauma that still haunts many of them today.  I am proud to say that I am the daughter of a Vietnam veteran and I spent at least 5 years of my professional life working with Vietnam vets and listening to their stories.  Anyone disrespecting the flag in anyway is just continuing to traumatize this under-served and under-appreciated group of people.  THANK YOU FOR YOUR SERVICE, PAPA!