The Spiritual Significance of Music

“The power of true music emanates an energetic purity and essence that is inspired only by Spirit.  This music not only uplifts the heart and soul of humanity, but will not lose its luster through passing time and superficial musical trends.”  - Aeoliah, author of Awakening Your Inner Light:  Healing Self-Abuse and Reclaiming Your True Identity

“The most evolved music on the planet that will continue to heal and inspire is one that raises and magnetizes our consciousness and awareness into a more expanded and enlightened state, acting as a tuning fork to higher dimensions.”  - Aeoliah

“Music is the language of the soul.”  - David Amram, author of Upbeat:  Nine Lives of a Musical Cat

“Music can offer us an escape from reality providing a safe and secure haven; our very own sacred sanctuary of sound.”  - Encore


The above are excerpts from the book The Spiritual Significance of Music by Justin St. Vincent

I hope one day, popular music will be spiritual and not sexual in nature.  Not that there's anything wrong with sex but the music business shuns anything spiritual and overdoes the sexual.  Sex may be what sells but spirit is what inspires, what heals and what unites us.