Sweet White Lies

Rape was just around the corner
when he came on my frilly, white dress
At only 2 years old, I was no longer innocent
But no one wants to hear testimony like this
No one wants the truth in all its darkness
The sweet white lies are what they prefer
So I stay quiet or tell them what they want to hear
I've grown quite good at that:  reading the subtext
knowing what people want with my intuition
having to zone in on what isn't being said
living the lie that they want me to wed
letting them penetrate and make their mess
holding in the howls that go unnoticed
trying to wipe off the wetness from when she licked my skin
as she told them all the opposite
worst part is:  they believed it
only able to see from their own perspective
And I'm unable to wipe away their ignorance
with no one willing to be my witness