Spiritual Beings: Episode 4: Choosing Your Body

Guida:  It's now time to choose your body, hop.  Let's hop to it!

Hopole rolls his eyes.

Hopole:  I want to be a male model type with chiseled abs.

Guida:  I'm afraid that won't help you grow or learn any lessons this lifetime.  Perhaps, we shall seek the advice of the wise council for guidance. 

Hopole:  Bunch of wise guys if you ask me.  I already got you telling me what to do...

Guida:  They are more advanced souls, more advanced than you and therefore, they can help you choose a body more wisely.

Hopole:  More advanced, my ass!

Guida sighs and rings a bell.

Four wise souls materialize before them:  Mission, Roya, Jenz and Flurra.

Mission:  Hi Hopole, nice to see you again.

Hop nods to him.

Mission:  Choosing a body, are we?  I'm thinking an obese body would help you work on humility.

Roya:  And self-acceptance as you will encounter a lot of fear and rejection from others with an obese body.

Flurra:  Plus, you haven't had the experience of an obese body before, in any of your other lifetimes.  Think of it as a new adventure...

Hop:  I'd rather climb a volcano. 

Mission:  Yes, an obese body would be a good choice for you.  It would help you hold back on your dare-devilish antics.  It would slow you down and help you focus more on being.

Hop:  On being what?!?  A couch potato?

Jenz:  It is a respite lifetime so couch potato may be a reality.

Hop:  Exactly, my point, it is my soul vacation and it is my choice.

Roya:  You can learn lessons in respite lifetimes too.  You're right that it's your choice but remember that you can always call on us whenever you need to make a decision of any kind in life.

Guida:  So Hop, what's it gonna be?

Hop:  Male model with chiseled abs.