Spiritual Beings: Episode 2: Choosing Your Fam

Guida:  Now's the time to choose your parents, Hop.  Let's start with your mother.

A pretty blonde, Margarite, with a devilish grin pops up on the floating screen in front of Hopole and Guida.

Hopole is horrified. 

Hopole:  No!  Not Margarite!  I still haven't forgiven her for that lifetime at sea.  She devoured me!

Guida:  Well...she was a shark and you were a seal.  It was the natural order of things. 

Hopole:  Dear God, is there anybody else, please?

Guida:  For your mother, sure.  But perhaps Margarite can be your sister or brother.  Your threads of destiny are still interwoven.

Hopole:  I want her thread of destiny to stay the hell away from mine!

Guida:  Let's not forget that you devoured her when she was a fly and you were a venus flytrap.

Hopole:  She was a fly, for goodness sakes!

Guida sighs with constrained frustration.

Guida:  We'll get back to Margarite.  Let's continue to choose a mother.

Another image pops up on the screen of a sexy brunette with bedroom eyes. 

Hopole:  Now, there's hot mama!

Guida:  Incest is frowned upon on Earth, Hop.

Hopole:  Well, can she be my girlfriend instead, then?

Guida:  She's already tied up in that regard.

Hopole:  My kind of woman.

Guida rolls her light eyes.

Guida:  I'm doing away with that personality kink of yours this time.

Hopole:  You wouldn't dare!

Guida:  Orders from Aray.  We must trust his judgment.  He's an old soul after all.

Hopole mutters under his breath.

Hopole:  Old soul, my ass.  Old soul asshole is more like it.

Aray materializes in front of them.

Aray: How's the pre-birth planning going, gals?

Hopole shrinks in his chair.

Hopole:  Aray!  I was just talking about how I wish I could choose a father like you.

Aray laughs merrily.

Aray:  That can certainly be arranged.