My third album, of the alternative rock persuasion.  The theme of this album is death.  I was really wanting to do a dark album in tribute to one of my heroes, Kurt Cobain.  I also am heavily influenced by Alanis Morissette.  I wrote bright and sunny songs before hearing Jagged Little Pill.  Always the good little girl, it felt very freeing to express my anger.  I believe in the importance of exploring your own shadow so that you are not projecting it onto others.  With this album, however, I definitely found it challenging to not sink into the abyss. 

The first track, "Angels Speak to You", was channelled to me in the hypnagogic state.  I remembering waking up and then writing down the song in about 15 minutes.  I really don't feel that we author songs alone.  I believe they are given to us.  I knew I had a responsibility to produce the song given the way it came to me.

The title of the album, "Tragic Romantic", came from the book "The Wisdom of the Ennegram."  I am a type 4 personality, the individualist also called the tragic romantic. 

The last song on the album, "Miss the Most", is probably my favorite.  It was written for a child I used to work with that was an old soul.  Even though he was a kid, I felt like he was on the same soul level as me.  There is a difference between physical age and spiritual age.  I thought I had done a good job at terminating therapy in a way that honored our connection but he let me know in a very soulful way that I had not done enough.  I think we all make the mistake of underestimating how much we mean to others and it is a huge mistake to do this.  I tend to run away from goodbyes and I am still learning how to say goodbye in a proper way.

On this album, I had the opportunity to work with the following musicians:  Bob Fox, Chris Pyle, Mike Loera and Jesse Plack. 

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