My very first album I have always wanted to name "Storybook."  I had written a song called "Storybook" back in college with a musician friend.  Because I wrote the lyrics and he wrote the music, I was not able to use the song once our partnerhsip ended.  However, I wrote an even better song called "Storybook" which is on this album of course. 

This album has a hip-hop flavoring because I was working with a hip-hop producer/musician/rapper at the time.  Though he was extremely talented, he ended up going to jail after only finishing half of the album.  I had to finish the album on my own not knowing what the hell I was doing.  That's why some tracks don't sound so smooth.

From songs like "Pouring Rain" to "Weather Me" to "It's Raining And.." the theme of this album is obviously weather, particularly rain.  Maybe this is because I am from the Seattle area. 

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