My song "Don't Know What It's Called" on WOS' Valentines series

Thank you to Women of Substance Radio for accepting my song "Don't Know What It's Called" for their Valentines series on their #1 Award-Winning Podcast.  The series will air February 3-14, 2020.  Listen in at

The show is also available on:  Stitcher, TuneIn, YouTube, Spotify and more....

Will update this press release with more specific information (date of release and playlist) 2 weeks ahead of time.

Music With a Conscience

Three of my songs were chosen to be included in the "Music With A Conscience" series in September/October on Women of Substance Radio.  Those songs are:

1.  Multicultural World

2.  A Song for Peace

3.  My Inheritance

Additionally, my song "Setting Sunlight Free" was chosen to be on the WOS podcast in September.

The podcast is also available on Stitcher, TuneIn, YouTube, Spotify and more...

My New Book: Recovery From Narcissistic Abuse

CMy fourth book, Recovery from Narcissistic Abuse, will be available on English eBook distributors such as Amazon Kindle and Barnes and Noble Nook this July.  Happy Fourth of July to all survivors of narcissistic abuse!  May you light up the night and embrace all forms of freedom that are awaiting your acceptance

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Nicole-Marie Combines Vintage Keys with Visceral Emotion in Single “Dream Come True"


Up and coming recording artist Nicole-Marie has recently released their latest album “Oaths of Abundance” which resonates similar to what you could expect Fleetwood Mac to sound like if they had a stronger affinity for Pop.

Contained within the release is the single “Dream Come True” which may just be the perfect introduction to Nicole-Marie’s accessible take on Pop music. With Dreams Come True, you’ll get a slightly vintage feel off the keys within the track as they collide with the soft guitar work in the multi-layered mix. Nicole-Marie’s vocals have a tangible Country Blues influence giving the Pop single a discernibly distinctive edge.

You can check out Dream Come True for yourselves by heading over to Spotify now, where you will also be able to check out the rest of Nicole-Marie’s latest album.

Listen to Mr. Cat in Berlin, Germany

Thank you to Mr. Cat for playing music from my latest album, "Oaths of Abundance", from Berlin, Germany.  Check out his show at:


Thank you to InnerVisions Radio (syndicated on KRSC Rogers State University - Tulsa) for agreeing to play music from my new album "Oaths of Abundance."  You can tune into their show at


Harp & Bard Radio, WMPG

Thank you to Jim Ward host/producer of "The Harp & Bard" radio show on WMPG for playing my music on his show.  A shout out to all of Southern Maine.  Check out the show at:


CGR Radio 2

Thank you to CGR Radio 2 for playing my music.  CGR Radio Network 2 is a Secondary Service to CGR, Both CGR 1 and 2 offers programming mainly serving and intended for the blind and visually impaired or those who cannot hold or read printed material and offering programming that is very target specific and is free of charge always and is commercial and sponsor free and yet offering community programming that is offered in a very unique way that may not or such broadcasted locally and it offers a wide range of country music in many genres and also offers music that others may not touch or broadcast.  Check them out at:


A&R Factory

Thank you to A&R Factory who agreed to play my new music scheduled for: 22 April 2019 @ 02:00 GMT on their website and social media platforms.  Check them out at:


Radio Seagull

Thank you to Radio Seagull in The Netherlands for agreeing to play music from new album "Oaths of Abundance."  Check them out at the following links:

Live From the Rock-n-Roll Ranch

Thank you to Live From the Rock n' Roll Ranch in Canadensis, Pennsylvania for playing music from my new album "Oaths of Abundance."  Listen in at:

Andy's Attic Radio

Thank you to Andy's Attic Radio in Ontario, Canada who has agreed to play my music.  Check them out at:  

Andy's Attic Radio
8:00 - 10:00 every Friday night.  First hour features country, folk, blues, alt rock, old time.  Second hour is always punk rock and heavy metal.

Sophie's Springboard Show

My song "Love Soldiers" will be played on Sophie's Springboard Show in Cornwall, England starting today.  Check it out at:


Oaths of Abundance on NBT Radio

NBT Music will be playing music from my new album Oaths of Abundance. Check out NBT Music at



Love Soldiers on Women of Substance Radio

Thank you to Women of Substance Radio for agreeing to play my song "Love Soldiers" starting 5/13/19.  You can listen to the show featuring Love Soldiers at:

Learn more about WOS radio at or on Facebook at and Twitter:

My Inheritance on Country Barnyard 305

My song My Inheritance has been accepted on Country Barnyard 305 and they will start playing it on 3/24/19.  Listen to Country Barnyard 305 at

Thank you to Country Barnyard 305 for supporting independent artist!

New Album: Oaths of Abundance

My new album, Oaths of Abundance, is finally here!  Check it out under the audio link.  

Radio that Support Independent Artists

Thank you to 90.7 FM KSER for playing my song "The Music Our Love Makes" and for supporting independent artists. 

Also, thank you to The Douglas Coleman Show for playing my song "The Music Our Love Makes" on PRX.  Thank you, as well, for your support of independent artists. 




Nicole-Marie Orchestrates a Symphony of Sound on Her Latest Album


Nicole-Marie is a hearing-impaired singer who has absolutely destroyed any preconceptions that may surround anyone who is faced with such a hardship. She is proficient in saxophone, clarinet, piano and guitar and if that weren’t enough, she is a fantastic singer and songwriter to boot. Not only does she write and perform her own music, but she enjoys collaborating with other artists in creating their music as well. Her newest release is the fourth album in her repertoire entitled The Music Our Love Makes is a fusion of folk, country and alternative rock that meshes beautifully well. To top off the number of genres she’s incorporated into this LP, she’s incorporated a myriad of instruments and musicians as well. With multiple guitarists, drummers and even rappers, The Music Our Love Makes is a modern symphony for the ears. But enough of my gushing, on to the review.

The first song to stand out is “Movin on.” The song starts off as a piano driven country song: very simple ballad sound with classic melancholy fiddle accompaniment. She cheekily sings “I’m getting strong/and writing songs about movin’ on,” which demonstrates that she has a sense of humor about the situation despite it hurting initially. Moreover, the song reflects that as it shifts from a lament to an upbeat hoedown, showing that she is in fact, “getting strong.”

“All it Takes to Fly” is a more contemporary ballad. This song heavily features acoustic guitar played in a Latin style and very simple percussion. The chorus builds up into a beautiful crescendo of string instruments and Nicole-Marie leading the way with her subtle vocal performance. She has a rather soft tone to her voice, which makes it easy for her to come across as genuine in her lyrics.

As such, it is unsurprising that her voice is so well suited for country style music. For example, “Forever an Ocean,” reminiscent of a Rascal Flatts hit, brings forth feelings of regret but cherished memories. The electric guitar gets its chance to shine between choruses. What is most impressive are the harmonies Nicole-Marie performs with herself. Not only are they beautiful harmonies, but then you remember that she is hearing impaired and is mopping the floor with the vast majority of current country acts. Honestly, modern country music needs to take a page from this woman’s book.

“Loose End” is a much needed, upbeat track that provides the warranted break from the previous string of slow, emotional ballads. It’s a feel-good song where we get to see the funnier side of Nicole-Marie. You can definitely imagine yourself driving down a country road with the top down to this song; with wind in your hair, and a cowboy hat of course.

The album’s last song follows the theme of modernizing country-folk music but it does so the best in my opinion. There is a clear connection between Nicole-Marie, California, and her begotten lover in “When California’s Gone.” However, it is unclear whether or not that is a positive affiliation with lyrics like “I hope it won’t be to long/ Till you finally come to love me/ When California’s gone.” Either way, it is very soothing despite the possibly depressing connotations behind the song.

My only complaint with this album is that it all melds together a bit too well. This can be good in some ways, like the fact that songs like “Loose End” stand out more as a result. However, the problem is that it makes the songs seem to have less meaning if they are all slow and gloomy. Nevertheless, this is a great album that puts a great spin on classic country/folk music. Nicole-Marie’s ability to bring together these amazing sounds is evidence of her passion and talent when it comes to music.






Nicole-Marie Orchestrates a Symphony of Sound on Her Latest Album

8 Reviewer
Amazing arrangements in terms of the instruments and Nicole=Marie's voice ties it all together beautifully.
The majority of the tracks are slow ballads, and while beautiful, their meaning gets diluted since there are so many of them.
The Music Our Love Makes is a depiction of a deeper understanding of sound and how, when you bring a bunch of great artists together, you have a recipe for something awesome.
Production & Mastering8.5

Country Barnyard 305

My song Movin' On will be playing at Country Barnyard Radio 305 starting 7/18/17.  Listen at:

WROM Radio

My track, The Music Our Love Makes, will air on WROM radio on 7/20/2016 at 7pm ET with a re-broadcast at 1am on 7/21/2016. After that the show containing this track will archive on the Youtube channel below. Listen to the broadcast at this link:



Beyond the Dawn

My music will be aired on the BTD Radio’s New Music Hour today 5/23 at 2pm and 9pm pst.


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My songs All it Takes to Fly, The Music Our Loves Makes, and When California's Gone are now spinning on SWR. These are the channels:
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The songs have been placed in the "Featured Artist" playlist which cycles about every hour or so. There are several other complimentary artists in the playlist, so it makes for a great 50 minute set. All 3 songs play sequentially. My songs will be heard very often while in this playlist.
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SWR is very supportive of independent artists and had three of my songs in their rotation 3 years ago.  These songs were: A Song For Peace, Miss The Most, and Strobe. Thank you Seattle Wave Radio for all of your support to independent artists over the years!

Victory Music Review

MySpace has become a new outlet for unsigned artists to get their music out there for people to hear, enjoy, and possibly get noticed by a record label.  One only needs to to look at the success of Colbie Caillet and many others to see that this approach can work.  Although she is not yet signed, young Washington local Nicole-Marie is doing her best to get her music heard, with a MySpace page and a seven-song, self-produced CD, All the Lights of Heaven.  Clocking in at less than 28 minutes, this CD is more an introduction than a full-fledged display of Nicole-Marie's talents and abilities, but it's enough to give the listener a pretty good idea of what she can do.  The songs are primarily acoustic Christian folk music with simple, earnest lyrics about Heaven and beliefs, accompanied by spare instrumentation.  The tunes could be a little overly earnest and simple at times, but her clear, beautiful voice carries them through.  For me, everything truly comes together and shows her true potential on the song "Single," which is catchy, memorable and the best match of music and vocals.  According to her Web site, she likes to dabble in all styles of music, including even hip-hip, and she even lists Prince as an influence, although these interests aren't apparent on All the Lights of Heaven.  Mostly, the CD feels slightly monochromatic in tone.  Letting some of those other styles peek through on future songs would definitely add more flavor.  I tend to dislike an artist who favors stretching single syllable words into five or six, but Nicole-Marie shows enough here for me to hope she gets a chance to show what all she can do.  (James Rodgers)

Enter the Underworld

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Roman Midnight Music

Style: alt rock
Label: self-released
Year: 2010
Home: Tacoma, Washington

Members: Nicole-Marie ~ vocals/acoustic guitar/keyboards
Chris Pyle ~ electric guitar
Bob Fox ~ bass
Mike Loera ~ drums

"What A Letdown", "Bury Me", "Love Me Still", "Why Can't I Be The One?", "Grave Love", "Dead End", "Miss The Most" & throw in the pot for good measure the two remaining songs opener "Angels Speak To You" & "Back My Way" & it should be obvious that N-M has composed an album of a tragic romantic or at least recalling tragic romance. N-M's third release is a alt rock little piece moving from singer-songwriter styles, highlight "Angels Speak To You" could be out of the repertoire of Jewel, while other songs (i.e. "What A Letdown", "Love Me Still", "Why Can't I Be The One?", "Miss The Most") are poppy little alt rock sing-alongs that are more Liz Phair & Michelle Branch. Tragic Romantic is more than just a collection of songs with a shared theme but N-M in her PR she calls herself the tragic romantic in question, based on a personality type of psychology's Enneagram classification system. N-M is a modest singer, or maybe she just keeps it modest on this release, with a slight country style slur but because of that the mood stays personal & intimate ... & tragically romantic. Though, note, tragic romantic isn't necessarily about love. "Miss The Most" draws from N-M's day job as a clinical social worker having to say goodbye to patients while "What A Letdown" is about relationships that haven't reached their full potential in light of the myth of romantic love. So, don't expect boy/girl he left me/where is he songs. Do expect some enjoyable little songs laced with woe.

Out of the US state of Washington comes singer/songwriter NICOLE-MARIE, who releases her 3rd CD with "Tragic Romantic."  Musically speaking it is clearly influenced by 1990s female fronted singer/songwriter Alternative (light) Poprock that reflects influences of ALANIS MORISSETTE, LIZ PHAIR, FIONA APPLE, JOAN OSBORNE, TORI AMOS, SHERYL CROW, but also pre-1990s stuff of MARIANNE FAITHFUL, SUZANNE VEGA, PATTI SMITH and especially THE PRETENDERS comes to mind when hearing the high quality material of Nicole.  She has a good voice and the 9 included songs rock sometimes harder than the aforementioned similar acts.  Although an independent release, any fan of female alto poprock will appreciate this, so go check it out for yourself at  (8.2 out of 10)

Victory Music Review

Nicole-Marie puts out this collection of personal rock songs. ‘Angels Speak to Me.’ As with most rock songs, lyrics give you a partial picture of the meaning but I suspect this is a song which will resonate with someone trying to relate to someone who occupies or thinks they occupy a higher space. ‘What a Letdown’ love is. ‘Back My Way’ is a nicely framed ballad. Here the lyrics, at the beginning, are not obscured—these are blues in rock format. “I finally see why you left me that day…” ‘Bury Me’ and ‘Love Me Still’ are polar opposites. ‘Love Me Still’ is nakedly open, always questioning whether love is real. ‘Why Can’t I be the One?’ speaks to the pain of watching the one you love in love with someone else. I recognize the rock medium usually calls for twisted words, and a bit of screaming vocals. I like Nicole-Marie’s songs and delivery best when she sings with less electronics for competition. Here she delivers a painful wish. ‘Grave Love’ has the words “..let us die together..” This is a song recalling Romeo and Juliet or some such star crossed couple. Granted I’ve tried to focus more on the lyrics in reviewing this CD. Nicole-Marie sings, plays guitar and keyboards. Musically it’s quite adequate. From the lyric standpoint, this is an honest effort for those moments in time none of us can stand to be in for very long. [Bob Riley]

Seattle Wave Radio

Starting on Monday 5/16/16, Seattle Wave Radio will begin playing my song "All it Takes to Fly."  They may also incorporate my songs "The Music Our Love Makes" and "When California's Gone" into one of their shows.  Support local independent musicians and listen in at:




Girls Rock Radio

Request my song "Back My Way" on Girls Rock Radio.  It's an awesome online radio station that features women in rock.  It's kinda cool to hear my song in between Pink and Gwen Stefani. 

Tacoma Weekly

Nicole-Marie has been involved with music for much of her life.  A Tacoma native who now lives in Kent, Nicole-Marie is watching her career playing folk pop rock take off.  Nicole-Marie started singing as a young child, but didn't begin performing until five years ago.  She plays several instruments, starting with saxophone in fourth grade.  She then picked up the clarinet and piano.  She began playing guitar while attending the University of Washington, where she earned a bachelor's degree in psychology and a master's degree in social work. 

Nicole-Marie released her debut album, Storybook, in 2003.  One of her biggest influences is Alanis Morrisette.  "My whole writing style changed because of her," she remarked.  She likes Jewel because she isn't afraid to experiment with different musical styles.  Other favorites include John Denver and Sarah McLachlan. 

She began writing poetry in junior high.  Thus, her songwriting process begins with words, then the melody, then guitar chords.  "So really I'm a poet first, then a songwriter."  She recently finished a demo of Christian music.  She is also collaborating with Cooper Edens, an author of children's books, and several others on a project called "Here is a Haven" which includes a song written by cousins Richard Ian Greene and Lawrence William Greene.  The song was partly inspired by Childhaven, a non-profit agency in Auburn, where Nicole-Marie works as a case manager, that provides services to abused children. 

It has been a busy summer.  Nicole-Marie played five gigs in July.  "I like connecting with the audience in an emotional way," she says.  Nicole-Marie will play during the Proctors Farmers Market in Proctor District on Saturday, July 30 at 11 a.m. 

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