White Light



This song was inspired by a co-worker who told me that she was going to send me white light at the time of a medical appointment to find out what a growth was in my side.  I felt the light she was sending and was at peace for the appointment, enough at peace during the appointment that I was able to receive the news that I had an aggressive and rare form of cancer.  Well, the cancer's is gone.  I had surgery to remove the tumor in 2004.  I later performed this song at a recovery center for drug and alcohol addicts.  The song took on a whole new meaning and the room was silent as I sang and played my guitar.  You could feel the healing energy in the room.  There is something inspiring about being around those in recovery.  The acoustic guitar you hear in this recording is performed by Will Reedy of Acoustic Chambers Studio.  In essence, the song is a healing song and meant to accompany healing visualizations such as imagining a white light spiraling down around you and healing you as you listen to the song.  May those who listen to this song get whatever form of healing they need. 


I'll be sending you white light when you need it
may this be your white light, may you feel it
when you're hurt or in pain, when you're lost or ashamed
may this white light surround you and keep you safe


Verse 1:  May you be healthy, may you be clean
may you be happy, may you be free
all in all may you hold this hand and squeeze as hard as you want to
and when you fall may you understand that I'll always be here for you




Verse 2:  May you continue to see the meaning
make a connection and feel your feelings
hear the call of my compassion, feel the warmth I am sending
may it be there to guide you and lead you back to everything serene


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