Setting Sunlight Free



This song was inspired by a book I read on Shamanism.  The song is meant to inspire us to see death in a new light, as less scary and less of a separation from those on the other side.  

Written by Nicole-Marie

Produced by Taylor Carroll at Bear Creek Recording Studio in Woodinville, WA

Mastered by Ed Brooks at Resonant Mastering in Seattle, WA

Nicole-Marie - Vocals, Background Vocals

William Mapp - Drums, Percussion

Dune Butler - Bass, Synth, Background Vocals

David Salonen - Acoustic Guitars, Slide Guitar, Background Vocals

Charles Wicklander - Wurlitzer, Hammond Organ, Vibraphone, Native American Flute, Background Vocals


Don’t be afraid my love

Of what you may hear or see

It’s just me, setting sunlight free


When you see dragonflies

When you feel peace

It’s just me setting sunlight fee


Don’t forget call upon my love

When you’re feeling confused

And place in my hands

Whatever you can to bless or quell for you


When you see butterflies

Feel a slight breeze

It’s just me, setting sunlight free


There is more to life my love

Than all the broken things

Have faith in today, let love lead the way

To all that’s meant for thee


(Instrumental break)


When you see dragonflies

Rainbows and butterflies

It’s just me setting sunlight free


Yes it’s me, setting sunlight free


END:  Don’t be afraid my lovelies

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