Loose End



Not every goodbye is beautiful, Not every break is clean
Some deaths are slow and painful like the one of you and me
You wanted me to celebrate your moving on to better things
After everything you put me through and how you left me with nothing
CHORUS:  You can’t tie me up, you can’t say goodbye as if we’ll remain
friends/ You can’t cross this T, You can’t dot this I, I’ll be your loose end
Not every ending is happy, Not every wound will heal
Not everybody will find love or know how loving feels
You wanted me to wait me in line, conform just like the rest
And shake your hand and say goodbye with wishes of the best



You can’t tie me up, you can’t say goodbye
You can’t cross this T, you can’t dot this I
You can’t right this wrong, you can’t make me cry
You can’t have your way this time

I’ll be your loose end…

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