Judge for Yourself



This song is about making up your own opinion about someone rather than just deciding that you aren't going to like someone only because someone else is telling you negative things about the person.  Females especially have the tendency to bully someone or exclude someone from a group simply because one person in that group, usually the ring leader, is feeding the followers negative information and encouraging gossip about the person.  I have been the victim of this situation many times starting in kindergarten all the way up until my last job.  I initially didn't want to include this song on my first album because I wanted the message to be:  don't judge at all. 


I’ve heard it all but don’t believe it all
When it’s passed through mouths, it can lie so loud
You can’t always tell so let your openness swell
You can’t always rely on the human eye
So I’ll judge for myself, judge for myself
I’ve seen the way you hurt with what you say
And I’ve seen how wrong you have sung a song
So I’ll see for myself, everyone has wealth
And I know how long we’ll speak to belong
Yes I’ll judge for myself, judge for myself
CHORUS:  I won’t preconceive, I won’t make believe
I will carry the need to rise above
I’ll see her my way, look beyond his face
Reach into the soul, gonna find some gold
Won’t join in your hand, I’ll try and understand
There’s more than I’m told, there’s more that she holds
Yes, I’ll judge for myself, judge for myself
Everyone’s got dirt, everyone feels hurt
So don’t become the word, don’t always believe what you’ve heard
May just be talk so walk your own walk
Don’t be reeled in, don’t let ignorance win
You can judge for yourself, so judge for yourself


CHORUS 2:  So don’t preconceive, and don’t make believe
You can carry the need to rise above
CHORUS 3:  Let’s no preconceive and not make believe
We can carry the need to rise above

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