Christian Child - By You



I wrote this song for a child I used to work with in my job as a mental health therapist.  She was only 8 or so years old and had been in more foster homes than her age.  She impressed me with her resiliency and I realized that one of the things that made her so resilient was that she was a Christian.  She always spoke in a very spiritual way and her favorites singers were Jaci Velasquez and Rachel Lampa.  She basically introduced me to Contemporary Christian music I wasn't really listening to at the time (besides Michael W. Smith).  She also helped me reconnect with my faith.  Even though I was counseling her, I felt like she was ministering to me.  I believe we can learn so much from those younger than us if we are open to wisdom that comes from soul age rather than chronological age.    


Christian child you will always be OK
You inspire me to keep my hope afloat
And though these days may be your darkest days
I was called upon to help you cause I know
That you carry inside you a flame
That will never go away

CHORUS: If you could be my sun
then I could be your moon
and I could guide you through the night
cause I am warmed by you


Christian child you have found alive
The warmest part of my heart
Together we will rise, in each other we will find
A reminder that our love is where we are


And that I carry inside me a flame
That will never ever go away




By you, by you, by you, by you


Yes we carry inside us a flame
Let us carry each other in His name
Cause no other love is quite the same
And it’ll never, ever go away

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