Don't you know deep in the corner of my soul
There's a goal that will never erode
Some hold on so strongly to their dreams
Some let it go (don't let it go)
Some just are too lazy, some hold ambition close
Well, it makes me feel whole, music makes me whole
and it fills the hole, it's better than 14 Karat gold
and I also see it in your soul
Tell me why do you hide
Tell me why you take fear's side
Won't you tell me why you keep it all inside?
Tell me why you never cry
Tell me why your ambition died
Take my hand, come partake in this show
Let it loose, all the genius that you know
We can both succeed together in the same boat
Here's the platform to let your ambition float
Swell the half to whole, leave your love exposed, feel it in your soul

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